If you are looking for the best talent on LinkedIn, you have come to the right place. As of 2019, there are half a billion people on the LinkedIn professional network. While not all of these people are looking for jobs, there are a large number of passive job searchers. This means that with the right value proposition, leverage, job listings and optimized company profile. You could entice the savvy job hunter looking for a job to consider new opportunities or to apply for your job listing.

The LinkedIn corporation is made for people who are looking for a competitive advantage. For recruiters, they can connect with the job hunter who wants to apply for jobs, develop Brand awareness in the prospect looking for their dream job. Source new candidates with job boards, job listings and job alerts and even do some Influencer marketing to enhance the Company profile to attract the very best talent who are looking for a job.

Social media marketing with the professional LinkedIn network was made with work in mind. You will find endless opportunities to promote your role to a hoard of motivated jobseekers. Of course, the more people that see the position that you are hiring for, the more qualified candidates you will attract to apply.

For a recruiter, LinkedIn is a haven of talent, and because of the fantastic infrastructure, it would be hard not to get some tremendous talent applying for your companies position. But how do you get your job in front of as many qualified eyeballs as possible? In this article, we are going to give you an overview of how to set up a position on LinkedIn and also give you a bunch of tips for maximising the reach of your job so that you can entice the best talent.

connect with the job hunter who wants to apply for jobs.
LinkedIn is made for people who are looking for a competitive advantage. Photo Source: Unsplash
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Overview Of How To Post A Job On Linkedin

  1. Create a personal profile. You can learn how to do that on our blog post about setting up your LinkedIn profile
  2. Set up a company page. You will find the option to do this in the work drop down menu on the far right-hand side. You will need to set up the URL and the company description. While you can edit this later try to make it engaging this will be the page that candidates see when assessing your company.
  3. Now you will create a job, click on the briefcase icon at the top centre of the menu bar. Here is where it gets exciting, after confirming your login details again you will enter the company name, the location and the job title. LinkedIn will search all of their members and then tell you how many people currently have the job title that you are recruiting for. This will show you potentially how many candidates there are.
  4. Now comes the time-consuming part you have to flesh out the details of the job description and select the skills that you are looking for. It is worth taking your time at this stage to really get this right. As what you write here will determine the kind of candidates that you will attract. I can not tell you how many times I see a great job listed, but the employer has put zero effort into the job post,. No one wants to works for people who can not be bothered or employers who are unclear and unsure about what they want. In fact, professional development is one of the critical things that people look for when applying for a new role. Presenting yourself professionally and being clear about who it is that you want working in the company is the core of everything.
  5. After you have finished that you can now decide how you want people to apply for the job.  Consider; cover letter, Cv, Job interview, locations, time scale etc.
  6. Now you set a daily budget for your ad; Indeed it is not free, but where else could you get assess to a pool of 500,00 million potential candidates. It's worth the small cost. Once you have set your budget, you can check out. You can end the job whenever you want, but you will be charged monthly.

Now that you have an advert set up, you need to monitor it. On the Job search engine track your job listing, the results and communicate with each potential Jobseeker. You can also edit, close or renew the advert. Leverage staff members as networking influencers if you can ask them to spread the word about the vacancy. Try to think about the customer journey or the job searchers journey in this case. Where might they be looking that you haven’t advertised? What do they do to search for a job? How can they find you more easily?

If you want to post a free job, you can create a post on your company page and ask employees to share it to their networks. If you have a network on your Personal brand page or business pages, then you can also share it with them and watch the word spread. You can also post jobs on LinkedIn job boards and groups from free. Finding LinkedIn groups within your industry is a great way to market your job listing and network with like-minded industry professionals. But make sure to follow the LinkedIn group's rules about promotional posts as not all groups will allow any posts that are not purely for the use of professional online networking.

Each has its benefits depending on your budget and outcomes
LinkedIn allows you to upgrade your free account to a paid account. Photo Source: Unsplash

The search bar is the first tool, and the simplest, to find talent. It allows us to search for a skill, a city, a company, or even a management school. Once you have a clear idea of your role you should be able to pick out the keywords for the role, these will serve as good LinkedIn job search terms, and they will give the best job search results.

If you want to be even more specific you can:

  • Use quotation marks around your search term to get exact results, e.g. “keyword.”
  • Use the word NOT in front of your search term to remove particular terms, e.g. Not Keyword
  • Use OR to link two or more search terms, e.g. keyword or key or word or…
  • Use AND if you want to return the results of two items, e.g. Key and Word
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Use Linkedin Unique Tools To Get Your Job In Front Of The Best Candidates

  1. Use the LinkedIn jobs board and career pages
  2. Use sponsored jobs which also gets you into the ‘jobs you may be interested in’ Ads
  3. Try Work with us Ads
  4. Recruitment Banner Ads
  5. Inmail (private message) people an invitation to apply for the job
  6. Host a question and answer session and show another side of the company to attract new talent
  7. Look through profiles and let people know that the position is open
  8. Leave thoughtful comments on posts

Screen Candidates And Verify Their Information And Create A Shortlist

If you already have a few candidates, you can begin to screen your favourites. LinkedIn gives you so many ways to do this through the candidate's profile, LinkedIn activity and their posts.

  1. Candidates profile: Skim the candidate's information and see if anything stands out. Review their endorsements and recommendations, take a look at their experience and also look at the way that they have put their profile together.
  2. Ask yourself some essential questions and aim to answer them: Do they have interests? Are they members of any groups and how do they contribute to them? Do they have personal posts on their profile?.

The ability for the hiring manager to review the candidate's profile in detail is what gives LinkedIn the advantage as an online professional network.

communicate with each potential Jobseeker
Leverage staff members as networking influencers, ask them to spread the word about the vacancy. Photo Source: Unsplash

Upgrade To A Linkedin Recruiters Package

LinkedIn allows you to upgrade your free account to a paid account. There are two levels in the premium range, and each has its benefits depending on your budget and outcomes. Each of these upgrades gives you an advantage when compared to recruiters using only free services.

  1. LinkedIn recruiter package: this is the top tier package which basically gives access to everything and lets you do everything. Research tools, job seeker targeting, in-depth profiles access, candidate tracking, email templates, etc. This package gives you everything you would need to find your future team. I say team because it costs €700 per month and would be best suited to large organisations who are hiring a large number of staff or are hiring high-level staff such as CEOs etc.
  2. LinkedIn recruiter lite package: is excellent for recruitment of one to a few people. It is focused on supporting you to find a great employee. It does this by helping you to stand out to viable talent and allows you to see who has viewed your company pages. This costs just €90 per month.

No matter how which path you choose to take in your recruitment, remember that first impressions count. So while getting the most qualified talent to see your job post is essential, It is vital to make sure that the job opportunities offered and company are presented professionally. Don’t forget to:

  1. Check for spelling and grammatical mistakes
  2. Check dates are correct
  3. Make sure any links added to your post are working
  4. Make sure your contact information is accurate and without typos
  5. If possible get someone else to check over the job post, which can really help root out anything that you may not be seeing.

Imagine paying for an advert with typos in it, sounds unlikely but I see it often, and it doesn’t create the best first impression. Which leaves you having to work harder to find high-quality employees. No matter which job you are hiring for the perfect person is out there waiting to see your opportunity. Good luck with your search.


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