How can you visit Marrakech?

Visiting Marrakech

Advice for visiting Marrakech “The gladdest moment in human life, methinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” - Sir Richard Burton Morocco is becoming more and more popular. Between 2004 and 2018, the number of international flights to Morocco has doubled. This is, in part, thanks to some of the country’s larger cities becoming more […]

30 October 20196 minutes to read

What can you do in Morocco?

Everything you need to know before travelling to Morocco

Planning a Trip to Morocco “Morocco is such a beautiful place. It's incredibly beautiful. And also it is captivating place because for a writer, you feel that you make impact. I mean, when I write something in the press, the day after in the fish market, people will be discussing it.” - Fatema Mernissi Morocco […]

30 October 20196 minutes to read

How can you learn Arabic?

Learning Arabic in Arabic-speaking Countries

Going to an Arabic-speaking Country to Learn Arabic “Patience is the key to well-being” - Muhammad (pbuh) Heading to one of the 22 countries in the Arab League (countries with Arabic as an official language) is the best way to learn the different aspects of the Arabic language: the writing system, Arabic vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, […]

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Arabian culture has mostly been influenced by Islam.

All about Arab culture

The Beauty Of Arabic Culture Learning about the Arab world is about more than just getting on a plane and visiting a different land. It is also about understanding and noticing how integrated Arab culture is with our daily lives and being open to learning about new and different customs than our own. With respect, […]

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Do you want to learn Arabic?

Learn Arabic the easy way with our great tips and tricks to mastering this language. Whether you’re a total beginner, looking to brush up on your existing skills, or preparing for an exam, get the help and experience you need from our Arabic tutors.

Go on to conquer the semantics and dialects of the Arabic language with Arabic lessons from our dedicated and professional Arabic teachers all over the country and online.

Have fun learning with Arabic

Making Arabic Learning Fun

Top Tips For Fun Arabic Learning Whether you have aspirations to travel the world, Meet new people from different cultures or just give your brain a new challenge. There is no denying that learning to speak a second language has amazing benefits. Not only does it allow you to meet new people, breaking down cross-cultural […]

14 May 20188 minutes to read

Things to Know When You Learn Classical Arabic

How to Read, Write and Speak Literary Arabic Literary Arabic, spoken Arabic dialects, Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic…just how many different versions of Arabic are there? Isn’t there just one version of the Arabic language? Unfortunately, not quite. Arabic is a language that has deep links with Islam, and one that can trace its history […]

20 February 20189 minutes to read

How to Learn Arabic

Is Learning Arabic Difficult? And How Long Does It Take? You’ll often hear how difficult it is to learn Arabic for Europeans or North Americans. The Arabic alphabet, byzantine grammar, and pronunciation are all radically different from our Romance and Germanic roots, not to mention the Arabic grammar and how to pronoun some words and […]

20 February 20187 minutes to read


The Various Options for Learning Arabic

What Are the Different Ways of Learning Arabic? Arabic is a rich and diverse language that is an official language in 26 countries, and is spoken by almost 300 million native speakers worldwide. It is true, however, that for English native speakers, Arabic is substantially more difficult to learn than the European languages of Spanish, […]

20 February 20188 minutes to read

Books in a library

What Is The Best Way to Learn Arabic?

How to Learn Arabic: What Learning Tools Facilitate Arabic Language Training? "Rome wasn't built in a day." Tell that to someone wanting to learn a new language. If you are looking to be fluent in Arabic and imagine you will be able to learn a new language in a handful of weeks, you are carving […]

20 February 20189 minutes to read

Info for Arabic learners

Advice for Taking Arabic Lessons

The Best Way to Learn Arabic: Listen to All of the Tips Are you, like many others, thinking about learning Arabic? Forget what you may have been told. Of course, speaking Arabic may seem, at first glance, to be an insurmountable task after a lifetime of speaking a Latin-based language. You've been told that Arabic […]

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speaking arabic

A Guide to the Arabic Language

The Arabic Language in All its Forms As its name indicates, Arabic originated on the Arabian peninsula in the Middle East. It's a term shared by a group of Semitic languages (Hebrew and Aramaic are others). Its speakers number 300 million around the world, mostly in the Arab world of course, and it is the […]

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Linguistics of the Muslim world

A Closer Look at the Arabic Language in Islam

Learning Arabic and the Muslim World According to a poll conducted by OpinionWay in 2015, 97% of parents of school-age children said that learning a foreign language would be an asset in professional life. Arabic has been named as one of the most important languages to learn in the future. Indeed, learning the Arabic language, […]

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Find free Arabic resources

How Can You Learn Arabic for Free?

What Resources Can Help You with Learning Arabic Online? To understand Arabic will take time and dedication. An Arabic course is a great way to learn Arabic in your free time, but it is not the only way to go about it. Of course, there are linguistic courses offered at schools as well as home-based […]

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Taking Arabic lessons to learn to speak the language

How to Take Arabic Lessons

Tips for Taking Private Arabic Classes Arabic is a fascinating language made up of different dialects and written forms, and is the 5th most spoken language in the world. Having just a conversational level whereby you can communicate with a native speaker by using only a few key Arabic words or Arabic phrases and expressions […]

20 February 201810 minutes to read

speaking Arabic

Why You Should Learn Arabic

The Many Benefits of Learning Arabic With more than 300 million speakers worldwide, Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the world and one of the most widespread in terms of the distribution of its speakers. Arabic is a language that deserves a lot of attention due to its geographical, historical, philosophical, economical, cultural, […]

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Want to Learn Arabic?

Are you fascinated by the Arab world? Do you dream of learning to speak this beautiful and international language?

Perhaps you think Arabic will be very difficult to learn and impossible to assimilate with? Don’t be scared, we’re here to help.

Is Arabic a Difficult Language to Learn?

Put a stop to those stereotypes and clichés! Even though the Arabic language can present certain difficulties when you begin learning the language there are many ways to facilitate your learning.

If reading from right to left destabilizes you, it’s normal. You will have to forget all your linguistic references and learn all the basics of the Arabic language from scratch, starting with the Arabic alphabet, grammar and pronunciation.

Learning to read and write in Arabic takes time, but this does not prevent you from beginning to learn the language orally through phonetic transcription in parallel. You can learn to pronounce consonants and vowels and begin to familiarize yourself with Arabic grammar rules at your own pace.

Before letting yourself get discouraged, it is important to note that learning a foreign language is neither easy nor difficult. Learning Russian or Chinese also requires extra effort to learn their alphabet, just like Arabic lessons.

If you’re motivated, committed and accompanied through the learning process, there is no reason not to achieve your goals.

Work and Motivation

If you already speak several foreign languages, you will probably have less difficulty learning Arabic. Having said that, you will have to be patient.

If you are told that you can learn the Arabic language in one month, remind yourself that it is logically impossible. On the other hand, in this period of time, you will master your first Arabic words, basic phrases and learn more about the origins of your own language.

You’ll introduce yourself to the Arabic alphabet and practice pronunciation, while also immersing yourself in the sounds of the language.

Arabic lessons and other tools to Learn Arabic Quickly

Private home tuition is one of the best ways to learn quickly. Arabic courses can be personalized. This individualized teaching will enable you to improve your skills quickly.

How to best learn a foreign language quickly?

Memorization of vocabulary is essential. You have to get used to the new grammatical rules. It is also necessary to familiarize yourself with the new sounds and to learn how to correctly pronounce the words learned. Practicing orally and registering sounds is a very formative exercise.

Evening classes

Taking evening Arabic classes, intensive training and daily practice is the best way to develop language skills and to move quickly from beginner to intermediate level.

Learning the language can also be facilitated by using interactive media (website guides to learn Arabic online, English Arabic dictionaries, exercises, mobile apps, videos, Arabic forum or board threads, audio files, etc…)

Once you’ve taken the first steps towards learning this language, it is easier to enrich your vocabulary and to learn to read and write literary Arabic.

Learning Arabic on the Road

A trip or a language course in an Arabic speaking country will also make you progress faster. With total immersion, a learner must practice the language in front of native speakers. This becomes a very constructive language training.

Once you are fluent in Arabic, the next step in your learning will be to learn Qur’anic Arabic in order to read the Qur’an and study Islam and Islamic culture.