Whether you have aspirations to travel the world, Meet new people from different cultures or just give your brain a new challenge. There is no denying that learning to speak a second language has amazing benefits. Not only does it allow you to meet new people, breaking down cross-cultural barriers but it also opens up a world of opportunities for you.

When I learnt Arabic I focused my energies on fun Arabic learning using free lessons and online learning tools. I would play online games in Arabic, Watch great Arabian movies and Listen to music from Arabic speaking countries. I had so much fun in fact that I didn’t really realise how much of the language I had learnt.

Armed with Online language learning tools and an Arabic English dictionary, I had found the key to studying. I was able to recognize that learning online was much more rewarding for me than the formal classroom and traditional Language lessons.

Music is a fun way to learn Arabic
Listen to music to have fun with Arabic. Source: Unsplash

Learning While Having Fun With Arabic Works

Effective learning takes motivation, dedication, focus and repetition. Therefore to successfully learn anything, we must feel within ourselves enough stimulating motivation to engage with our chosen subject, to want to repeat the learning experience.

If you want to learn Arabic it should be fun, but the idea of fun learning is difficult to grasp. In school, we are normally taught to sit still, eyes to the front of the class, we are formally guided to learn to have correct pronunciation, grammar or to read and write beautifully. But this tends to create stressful environments and goes against our natural need to find things enjoyable.

In her book, ‘Research-Based Strategies to Ignite Student Learning’, Authoress Judy Willis MD, discusses the role that stress and emotion play in our ability to learn. She highlights that fun and enjoyable learning can increase the chemicals within the body that promote rapid and effective learning. Fundamentally these chemicals support the brains retention of information.

So when we feel confused, stressed, or bored, our motivation levels drop and our brains just shut down. We lose access to retaining information like Words and phrases, which makes studying and learning, painfully slow.

However, when we feel engaged and free from stress, we tend to apply excitement and fun to our Arabic language learning. Using creative multimedia to learn Arabic is a great example, of how to make the learning process enjoyable while also helping the language to flow into the brain. Forming stronger connections, which can go on to create breakthroughs in our Arabic language learning practice.

Arabic For Beginners: The Fast And Fun Way To Learn

To enjoy the learning process, you should try to focus on engaging all of your senses. Our 3 main senses are sight, sound and touch. Most of us tend to have a particular preference for one of our senses, which we use to relate to the world.

Sensory PreferenceRecommendation for Fun Learning
SightArabic Movies
HearingArabic Music
TouchArabic Apps

If you have a preference for sight, you may find watching Arabian movies the most enjoyable. You may also find that watching movies teaches you correct pronunciation and grammar. You should try to have an English - Arabic dictionary available to support your understanding of the new Arabic words. You should aim to use subtitles while watching so that you can also learn how to read. Believe me, learning to read while enjoying a movie is the most exciting reading program around.

If you have a preference for hearing then you may find that listening to Arabic Music helps your comprehension about the structure of the language. Also, you may find that practising the expressions, common Arabic phrases and Arabic songs focuses your ear to the different Arabic dialects. You will find music is an easy tool to use to master repetition, for Arabic grammar. You may find the entire Arabic language learning process becomes much easier when using music as a learning tool.

If you have a preference to touch, then you may find free language learning, playing games on free online apps. Will help you to engage your interest and enhance your learning Arabic experience. You will find in a short period of time that your language skills, confidence and fluency increases, along with your Arabic vocabulary and grammar.

Fun with Arabic starts with creativity
The most fun you can have with Arabic lesson with a movie. Source: Unsplash

What Are The Most Famous Arabic Movies

Watching Arabic movies or Arabic series on TV is a great way to learn about the Language and culture of the Arab world, the conversational aspect, gives you the opportunity to hear how an Arab speaks in a natural environment.  Watching Arabic tv or films will ensure that you have full Immersion, into the language. It is easy to adapt to learning a language with movies.

You should ensure that for maximum language acquisition that you are using strong learning practices to guarantee that you get the most out of the process.

The Method

  1. Break the movie down into 10-15 minute chunks.
  2. Turn on the subtitles.
  3. Focus on what you are watching.
  4. Repeat and write down what you hear.
  5. Look up your new Arabic vocabulary to ensure you understand it.
  6. Repeat with the next chunk of the Arabian movie.

Award-winning Arabian Movies For Fun Arabic Learning

Arabic Movie TitleDirectorCountry of OriginAvailable to watch on
West BeirutZiad DoueiriLebanonYoutube
Where Do We Go Now?Nadine LabakiLebanonYoutube
The Yacoubian BuildingMarwan HamedEgyptYoutube

We have selected a few great Arabic movies to get you started. West Beirut is a film about innocence and childhood. It follows 2 teenaged friends, who go on an adventure to follow a dream but learn to grow up quickly as they face lots of challenges. It is based in Lebanon during the civil war.

  1. Where Do We Go Now? Is making a statement about how unnecessary war is and about the power of women. It shines a comic light on religious disagreements in Lebanon.
  2. The Yacoubian Building opens the cultural gaze on Egyptian culture and highlights the lives of the people living in this building. It shares how we are all connected to each in one way or another.
Music is a fast and fun way to learn Arabic
Dance like no one is watching to Arabic Music. Source: Unsplash

The Best Arabic Music For Learning The Language

Listening to Arabic music is such a fun way to learn Arabic, and it transforms language learning in such an enjoyable and portable learning experience. The power of learning with music is that you can listen to music anywhere. This flexibility gives you the ability to remain connected with your learning even when you are not able to take the time to sit down and focus on learning. Arabic music is rich, filled with unique instruments and amazing voices.

The Method

  1. Sing along.
  2. Listen regularly.
  3. Download the lyrics and read along with the music

The Music Selection

We have chosen a few great songs for you to listen to; you can add these to your language learning playlist.

Harebby Kadem El-SaherIraq
El Donia HelwaBy Nancy AjramLebanon
Faris Odehby Rim BannaPalestine
  1. Hareb by Kadem El-Saher translates to running away and is a song about trying to escape the heartbreak of lost love. He speaks about the war and the effect it has had on his relationships.
  2. El Donia Helwa by Nancy Ajram translates to the world is sweet and is a song about leaving the past behind and being committed to using your energy to love the world. It is a song about positivity and motivation for a new future together.
  3. Faris Odeh by Rim Banna is named after a child who was killed before his time. It is a song about finding strength against all odds to continue and move forward without forgetting the past.
Fun learning is fast learning
Your mobile phone is a portable way to learn with Arabic fun. Source: Unsplash

Top 5 Learn Arabic Apps

Playing with mobile apps to learn to speak Arabic is an amazing multimedia learning process. You get to listen, watch and interact, of all of the fun ways to learn. Mobile apps engage all 3 of our main senses. This is a powerhouse for learning and because of this, it will have the biggest impact on our learning experience.

While using Mobile apps for learning a language, remember that many of them will adapt to your level of experience and if you have a free account, you tend to get access to more functionality. The key is to keep practising.

The Method

  1. Use apps in small 5 – 15 minute chunks of time as often as you can throughout the day
  2. Try to commit to at least 30 minutes per day this gives you 14 hours of study per month
  3. Enjoy the interaction with the app and try to engage as much as possible.

The Best 3 Apps For Fun Games In Arabic

We have selected a few of the top apps to learn Arabic to get you started. It is important to try to find the best App to learn the Arabic language. You don’t need to download more than 1 or 2 apps to be successful. The below apps are available on Android and IOS, they are all free except Rosetta stone which gives only lesson 1 for free.

AppCool Features
MemorizeUses memorisation techniques
HelloTalkInteract with native speakers anywhere in the world.
Rosetta StoneMulti-device access and TruAccent technology
  1. Memorise is an interactive app that supports the learning process of memorization. It uses a very fun flashcard based system and allows you to upgrade to add games. This app will help you to learn to read and can point out any areas of weakness allowing you to focus on improving. If you can memorize your target vocabulary then you can use this app to learn Arabic online.
  2. HelloTalk puts the world in your pocket; with this app, you can meet people from all over the Arab world and practice speaking with them. You can write in English and use the translation feature to be better understood. It uses a chat-like interface and you can also do live calls with audio or video. This is a gem to use alongside your Arabic Language lessons.
  3. Rosetta stone is made to teach; it offers premium language courses and uses innovative technology to become your virtual language tutor bot. It is fully immersive with videos, games, audios and even cool technology to check if you are speaking in your chosen language correctly, you learn to speak, write, read and interact fully with Arabic with this course. Lesson 1 is free.

2 More Language Apps For Learning Arabic Online

4. BravoLol is a free fun flashcard app that lets you create your own flashcards or use their large database of cards. It works both online and offline so you will always have your vocabulary to hand.

5. 50Languages gives you 100 free lessons to get you started on your Arabic language journey. It works online and offline for maximum convenience.

In a world where we have no time, learning a foreign language has to be fun, interactive and innovative, for maximum engagement and optimum proficiency. There so many ways to have fun with Arabic and you should employ as many of them into your learning program as you can.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced in speaking Arabic. You can find Movies, Music and Apps online free, the first step is just to decide which free language learning experience or Language learning software, you are going to use. Then go out and get started because you ‘can’ learn a foreign language and have lots of fun at the same time.

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