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The average price of Arabic  lessons is 


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Explore the benefits of learning a new language

Learning a second language is something everyone should do. There are many reasons why people choose to become bilingual, maybe it's to connect with their culture, or their family or maybe it's for one of the many other reasons people become bilingual. Learning a new language unlocks more of the world, it provides more opportunities for relationships, communication and work. Our world is based on communication, our societies, and our relationships and even getting to a conversational level in a new language can show you so much more about our world. Arabic is a great choice, over 320 million people around the world grow up speaking the language. It is mostly spoken in the middle east and north Africa which makes it a great choice if you ever plan on visiting or living there. However, there are Arabic speakers all across the world. In Ireland alone, there are over 16,000 Arabic speakers according to census statistics. In Ireland’s neighbour, The United Kingdom, there are ten times that amount, roughly 160,000 people speak Arabic day to day there. By learning Arabic you open yourself to meeting these people, understanding a new culture and expanding your own brain. 

Arabic is a difficult language to learn

For English speakers or romance language speakers, Arabic is a very difficult language to learn. Firstly there are over 30 dialects of Arabic and choosing which one to “specialise” in is an important decision, however, don’t stress too much if you learn standard Arabic as you will still be understood by the other dialects, you may just sound formal! Now, what else makes Arabic difficult to learn, the pronunciations are going to be very difficult for beginners to learn as Arabic uses sounds that simply don’t exist in romance or Germanic languages. Understanding how to move your mouth, lips and tongue to form these new sounds will be difficult at first. Pronunciation is also very important if you want to be understood, especially when you get into the differences between dialects so any potential students will have to bear this in mind. The language may be difficult but the journey to mastering it doesn’t have to be, a native speaker as a teacher is a lifesaver in this scenario. 

Finding a native speaker

Superprof makes it extremely easy to find Arabic teachers all across Ireland. This makes it super easy to find an excellent native Arabic teacher who can potentially offer lessons to you in person or online. Superprof provides many tools to link up students with their future tutors, there are filters for location, reviews, desired level and even response times from tutors. Finding a tutor who has years, an entire life, of experience with Arabic will make it so much easier for student’s tackle pronunciation and Arabic’s unique alphabet and writing system. Did you know you write from right to left in Arabic? In summary, Superprof makes it easy to find a tutor who has the necessary skills and experience to finally teach you the language.

What can a tutor do for you?

Tutors provide one-on-one classes which are specially tailored to the student. This makes learning all that much easier as tutors can adapt and tweak their lessons to fit a student’s style of learning. Some students take a more logical approach to language learning, others prefer visual associations. Whichever of the seven learning styles you are, a tutor will be able to accommodate you. If you’re learning Arabic for yourself you’re afforded a lot more freedom in what you learn. You could discuss individualised learning goals, even a personal syllabus. That is just one benefit for students, another is the environment that a tutor creates for the student. It is a more relaxed atmosphere compared to schools or courses, questions can be asked far more readily. There will be a lot more interaction, speaking, practising and flexibility which is always positive for any kind of learning, not just Arabic. Due to the aforementioned difficulty of Arabic pronunciation, tutors will be able to provide a lot more help and focus on this aspect in a one-on-one setting. They don’t have to focus on twenty other students and their pronunciation. You’ll have their sole focus! Good luck and happy learning!

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