When we arrive at secondary school, we know that we have entered the big leagues. We feel it with our new school uniform, with our brand new maths equipment, and with the knowledge that after 5 years we will be doing the most important exams of our lives; the GCSE and coursework.

After leaving the basics of a primary school maths curriculum. Counting, calculus, additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions are now the numerical foundation to the new mathematical knowledge that you are going to learn. Decimal numbers, fractions, Arithmetic, rational numbers, definitions of square root, equations, graphs, geometry, parallelograms, Thales theorem, Pythagorean theorem, the math program in high school is full on. This is a very different learning environment, don’t be nervous; you are not expected to know any of that, but you are expected to be ready and prepared to learn it.

You can relax in the knowledge that it is the math teachers job to guide their math class. Giving a demonstration and providing them with all of the learning activities, problem-solving tools and math strategies. To develop students learning and understanding within the classroom. On the reverse of this, however, it is the job of the pupil to be ready for class, to be ready to learn. The tools set out by the teacher for the student should be engaged with seriously so that the work of the teacher and the learner become aligned.

When you are school shopping is the time to start to get prepared for your classes. When you start high school, you have a large number of classes to get used to. The education program in secondary school is markedly different from primary school. A large number of classes often come with different education resources that need to be used to master the topic. For example equipment for classes like arts, crafts require art supplies like a sketchbook, coloured pencils, paints, an easel and crayons.

This curriculum development means a few things; you had better coordinate yourself well as this is going to be an exciting learning experience. It all starts with your school supply list, so let's take a look at what you need.

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the GCSE exam and coursework
brand new maths equipment. Photo Source: Unsplash

Which Maths Equipment Is Useful In The Maths Classroom

Aside from the calculator, high school math classes always ask for a good set of materials. If you are lucky school teachers will send a school supplies list of materials needed. Let’s take a look at a list for your math class:

  1. A Calculator – This is going to be your new best friend in your math classes. It will support you with learning and calculating the answer to everything from basic algebraic equations to inverse fractions and infinite numbers in a flash.
  2. Graph Paper – paper with pattern blocks of squares all over it. It is very useful in maths and buying notebooks with graph paper is sensible. You may need loose sheets to display math work, but you can always take it from the notebook or buy a few sheets for such an occasion which is rare.
  3. A Compass – A V-shaped instrument that looks like a medieval object is still used in classrooms. On one side it has a sharp point and on the other a place to attach a pencil. Used to create perfect circles in geometry. It is normally part of a geometric kit which has other items described below.
  4. A Ruler – All rulers are sufficient, but a ruler of 30 cm is ideal so you can draw a complete line on a sheet of A4 without having to adjust the ruler. Many primary students have a rule of 15 cm which is sufficient in most cases. Rulers made of plastic are best to avoid the sound and embarrassment if dropped on the ground in the middle of a quiet study period.
  5. A Protractor – A Great novelty for students is the use of the protractor. It can be a full circle or more commonly it is a semicircle of 180 degrees. This tool measures the degree of angles. It is necessary to get one for math classes. This is also part of the geometric kit
  6. Triangle Ruler - The triangle has many uses as it serves many angles and is also a ruler. This tool also part of the geometric kit
  7. Don’t forget the basic and general classroom supplies like pens (gel pens or ballpoint are fine), pencils (including coloured pencils), highlighters, index cards, pencil sharpeners, erasers, paper clips, tips, textbooks, pencil cases and backpacks.

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the math program in high school is full on.
the new mathematical knowledge that you are going to learn. Photo Source: Unsplash

Which Calculator To Buy For High School Math

One of my favourite Math facts is that the calculator can only give you the answer when you ask the right question.

The calculator will be your biggest essential purchase for your math course. The basic style calculator will no longer help you in your classes. You will use your new calculator to work on some serious math exercises such as:

  • First factors,
  • Whole numbers,
  • Realization of graphics,
  • Prime numbers
  • Probabilities,
  • Functions,
  • Matrix calculations
  • Inequalities
  • Trigonometric functions,
  • Tables of values,
  • Complex numbers
  • Multivariate statistics.
  • And a long list of other math concepts

The calculator must be able to be used for all parts of the program. If your calculator is missing any of these functions, you will have to invest in a new model.

The kind of calculator that you need to buy is called a " graphing calculator " or " scientific calculator ". You may recognise them from their appearance, they are full of exciting buttons often much thicker than the basic calculator and therefore also much more cumbersome.

Many models exist as do many options and many prices. As with all things the fancier the features, the more it is going to cost. Some have rechargeable batteries while others still work with regular batteries. The screen sizes also vary from one calculator to another. A large screen allows a more comfortable reading. You can also choose between a display in black and white or in colour.

Most students can be fully prepared by choosing a scientific calculator. From 2019, many new scientific calculators will have the option to activate "examination mode " to avoid cheating during the various tests and exams.

The price of scientific calculators can vary between £10 all the way up to £100+

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math with all of the learning activities,
The tools set out by the teacher for the student should be engaged with seriously. Photo Source: Unsplash

 Where To Find All This Mathematics Material?

Protractor, calculator, eraser, pencil, ruler, all the necessary mathematical material can be found in different ways. Depending on your budget will depend on where you choose to do to purchase them.

Free - This is a very good way to save money!

These tools are rarely used outside of children's school math classes. So everyone has something around the house. It's just to find out who and then connect with them to receive it.

  • The first way is to ask your family and friends if they have an old kit around. If they do not use it or need it then bingo!
  • You can ask online in forums that have been set up for people to share freely within the group. You can ask them to pass them to you (for payment or not).


  • You can visit charity shops during the summer, make it a game as if you are searching for the treasure you will surely find something.
  • Go to one of the many pound shops, everything costs a pound, and you can get your entire supply here.


  • Go online and purchase everything that you need and get it delivered to your door. Many websites sell scientific calculators and other mathematical tools. The advantage of the internet is that you can compare the price of the supplies before buying them. The disadvantage is that you can not see them before buying them, this can sometimes cause unpleasant surprises. But you can always return anything that doesn’t meet with your approval.
  • Stationery shops like WH Smiths and other specialized stores in office supply.
  • The last trick is to buy your equipment at your school. Some schools offer a school shop that offers good prices on calculators and other maths equipment.

In a world where we have little time to spare, we have to be prepared when learning math. We should have the tools on hand to make it interactive and meaningful so that we can fully engage in our learning for maximum proficiency. Once you have a good grasp of the subject, you will find many ways to enjoy your classes and revision. Don’t forget the most important tool you have in your mind. Make sure to activate it in all of your maths lessons. Then you will find before long that a new mathematical world has opened up to you.

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