There are a million reasons to exercise and get fit! Getting into shape, losing weight and living a generally healthier lifestyle is an unbeatable feeling, and fitness at home or out and about will help you achieve this!

Superprof wants to show you how a great fitness program will help you carry out your exercise methods correctly and reach your goals.

If you’re always on the run and don’t have much time to spare, a good online fitness trainer could be the best solution to optimize your time and help you fit exercise into your schedule.

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The Advantages of Fitness Training at Home

Home fitness is quick and easy!
If you've got room for an exercise mat, you can have a great workout anywhere! Photo on Visual Hunt

How do you feel about fitting in a 6am fitness class before taking the kids to school, or maybe a 10pm class after being on your feet all day? We imagine it’s not the most appealing thought.

The first advantage of searching for a "personal trainer near me" is that they can come to your home to carry out your sessions. A huge relief for busy people: you can remain in the comfort of your own home and workout at a time that suits you. All you need to do is discuss times with your trainer beforehand and adapt it perfectly to your schedule!

The second advantage of asking your home or online personal trainer to run sessions in your home is that you can avoid accidents and injury.

Your trainer will be qualified and knowledgeable about the body and exercise. They will therefore be able to teach you how to exercise correctly, which is not always the case when we try new things unsupervised.

In order to see real results, it’s crucial that you’re doing everything right and don’t pick up any bad habits. This can also cause serious strain and injury, so it’s best to seek professional guidance whenever you start a fitness program.

Find yourself a trainer who can ensure visible and effective results, and try to find some reviews or success stories before starting a long-term plan with them.

It’s so easy to skip a scheduled gym trip, simply because there’s no one relying on your attendance. With a PT, however, you can’t get away that easily.

It’s also hugely important to improve your diet when embarking on a fitness or weight-loss program. Think about starting a high-protein meal plan and really focus on your nutrition, which should correspond with the amount of activity you are doing.

How Can You Use Your Home for a Personal Training Session?

You don’t need a mansion in order to carry out a fitness session in your home! It’s ideal to have a decent floor space available, for example in your living room, with at least space to put down an exercise mat. Opt to work out near a window too if possible, to give you some fresh air and keep you cool.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden and it’s not too cold, why not turn that into an outdoor fitness area? You’ll have space and fresh air, and you’re less likely to damage your furniture…

Even if you have a tiny living space, it’s still possible to transform it into workout space. You can use your furniture to your advantage, using the shape of your bed or a chair to help you in your workout.

And with a simple mat on the floor you can do all sorts of exercises, such as sit-ups, plank, stretches, burpees, squats – you can be as imaginative as you like!

What if you joined a fitness class? Look online for 'fitness classes near me' now!

Is Online Fitness Training Effective?

Instead of hiring yourself a personal trainer, you could decide to take things into your own hands and utilize the array of coaching programs that personal trainers on the internet have to offer.

There are many benefits to using an online sports coach, a huge one being that you can pick and choose when you want to work out according to when it suits you. And you can access the same kind of training plans in order to achieve great results, such as:

  • Losing weight
  • Getting a flat stomach
  • Strengthening and toning
  • Stretching and more relaxing exercises

And it allows for trial and error too – if you try something you don’t like, you can simply leave it and find something else. Online coaching is great to find what works for you quickly.

With certain online training programs and apps, you can also use connected tracking bracelets (such as FitBit or Garmin, for example), which can really encourage you to stay on top of your fitness and monitor your progress too. Some of them are specialised in certain types of sports - there are apps for interval running, for example.

If you’re doing exercise outside - such as running or cycling - and you’re feeling especially motivated, you can also share your sessions via online community platforms such as Polar Flow, Garmin Connect, Strava or Training Peaks.

There is one crucial requirement which is necessary for online training, and that’s motivation. You will need to stay motivated throughout your sessions and across a program so that you end up with the desired results.

If you feel as though you won’t push yourself or you don’t have the self-discipline to work alone, then you will probably benefit from a real-life trainer rather than an online one.

Find an online coaching course for you!
Following a fitness program or tutorial at home can be fun and easy! Photo on

If you type ‘online fitness training’ into your search engine, you’ll find numerous different coaching programs and personal training sites to browse.

One of the first results you’ll see is Ultimate Performance (UP) Fitness, which boasts a professional and qualified fitness instruction for anyone of any fitness level. UP Fitness members receive a nutritional consultation and one-to-one personal training and advice so that your program is perfectly adapted to your body and your goals.

You can choose between various fitness programs, with options dedicated to weight-loss, female weight-loss, muscle building and general strengthening and toning. The website is full of success stories and before-and-after photos to show you what you could achieve!

One of the great things about UP Fitness is that it has a huge focus of diet as well as exercise, as you can’t get great results without both of these elements in check. You will receive advice on food shopping, meal planning and how to properly balance your diet.

A hugely successful online training program is The Body Coach. Joe Wicks, the founder, has taken the fitness world by storm with his multi-disciplinary coaching program, which not only focuses on exercise, but equally provides a nutrition plan and loads of lean recipes to get great results fast.

Boasting the title of ‘the UK’s number one online tailored fat loss plan’, the body coach can transform anyone’s body with his expertly devised ‘shift, shape and sustain’ program, among many other regimes that he provides.

Each program can be downloaded to your phone, laptop or tablet, and you will receive tailored recipes, workout plans, advice and access to support coaches. It really does cover all bases!

Joe Wicks also has a huge social media following, so go check him out on Facebook and Instagram for great recipe and work out ideas, which are all free to access.

And don’t forget YouTube when you’re on the hunt for work out ideas or fitness advice. There is a plethora of videos available for every kind of sport and exercise you can imagine, specifically designed by qualified trainers for you to do safely and comfortable at home.

A really popular YouTube channel for health and fitness is Fitness Blender. It was created by a husband and wife and a team of personal trainers who believed that fitness should be accessible to anybody at any time, and on this basis they built up a small empire of fitness.

Fitness Blender offers hundreds of free videos, ranging in length and intensity, so that you can choose something that works perfectly for you and your lifestyle.

Another incredible YouTube channel is Popsugar Fitness. The work outs they provide are fun and feel-good, and love to include dance whenever possible. There are also videos available to show you some of the more basic techniques, such as squats and stretches.

The workout videos range in times, with some short beginner’s videos. Most of the videos aim for a 30-minute workout, but you can choose between different intensities and target areas to make sure you’re exercising exactly how you want.

The intense focus on cardio and dance makes their videos vibrant and energetic, so it doesn’t even feel like you’re working that hard! But, incredibly, you can burn around 500-600 calories on a 45-minute workout.

If you head to their website as well, Popsugar fitness also has a blog and a shop, and you can access loads of recipes and articles that cover all aspects of health, fitness and general lifestyle.

So now with all of this information we hope you’re inspired to try working out at home with some online coaching programs or YouTube videos!

Don't forget to look after your nutrition too
Planning meals and buying fresh healthy produce will make all the difference! Photo on

Whatever method or training program you decide to go for, be it free or paid, never forget to warm up properly and stretch down afterwards too, to avoid strain or injury. You can find a quick warm up or cool down video on YouTube as well if it’s not a part of your chosen workout, to make sure you’re ready.

Also bear in mind just how important it is to eat right and look after your body alongside your exercise. Remember that with fitness, you get out exactly what you put in!


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