Snapchat, it’s one of the newest social media platforms, but it’s one that we all know, and one that is popular all over the world.

Its appeal comes from the instant nature of communication; the way that pictures and messages disappear immediately imitates real-life exchanges. There are also features which allow people to make their content public and gain a large following, or expand their brand to Snapchat if they’re already well-known on a different platform.

The recent phenomenon of internet fame has been born as people have started using social media to create a brand for themselves which they then market to their followers as they make content on all kinds of topics. As many of these people, known as ‘influencers’, gain celebrity status, Snapchat offers a way for fans to take a peek into the lives of their favourite internet personalities.

As influencers are able to share what they get up to with their followers on a daily basis, and with followers keen to catch the latest glimpse of their idols’ lives, Snapchat becomes an ever-present part of our lifestyles. This type of platform is perfect for those who favour being a part of a wider movement, and there is no online community where this feeling is stronger than in the fitness community.

With nearly 191 million people using it each day, Snapchat has become one of the most frequently used social networks and one of the most highly-favoured by young people.

With some spending as much as 40 minutes on the app a day (which is a lot given its instant nature), there is no denying the importance of taking up the many benefits that Snapchat offers if you’re an influencer with a growing audience.

But why use Snapchat if you’re a #FitGirl or #GymRat?

There are several reasons:

  • To be closer to your followers
  • To further promote your personal brand as a sports coach uk
  • give real, practical advice that followers can apply to their lives
  • To demonstrate your healthy everyday recipes for your followers to try
  • To simply share your life with the rest of the world, of course!

There are plenty of reasons why influencers of all kinds use Snapchat to connect with their audience, but for fitness accounts, it’s more than a place to replay videos of the Olympic games and other sporting events; it’s a place for people to document their health and fitness journeys in real time – as if their followers were beside them.

Get motivated with your favourite fitness gurus at your fingertips
Let Snapchat act as an instant source of inspiration ¦ source: Pixabay - JESHOOTScom

In a world where perfection seems to be instantaneous, Snapchat offers an informal, real-time view of the world from a real person with no scripts or rehearsals. Though the people that run fitness accounts may seem like celebrities, they are able to interact directly with their audience, answering questions and giving feedback – and that’s why Snapchat has become so successful.

It is reported that more than 3 billion Snapchat messages are sent each day – let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular fitness accounts.

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Jen Selter, See What You Could Achieve

Jen Selter (username JenSelter on Snapchat) is known across social media for the strong figure she has built by working out at the gym, and for those who need a bit of motivation to keep up their own fitness regimes, Jen’s Snapchat story is a great place to look. With clips from her gym sessions, as well as pictures and videos of other aspects of her life, you’ll see that she is a normal girl who has used her strong mental attitude to achieve great things both in terms of fitness and by building her online empire.

Fitness Hub, A Fitness Snapchat Account for the Whole Community

Fitness Hub isn’t related to an online personality as such, but it does provide relatable content that everyone from cardio bunnies to gym rats can appreciate. Whether it’s motivational quotes or humorous graphics about the common issues and dilemmas faced when working out, Fitness Hub (username yeashelifts) is a great account for lifting your spirits so you can get the most out of your exercise routine and feel part of a large online community.

Cassey Ho, Instant Pilates Inspiration

Cassey Ho is the mastermind behind the Snapchat account known as blogilates and pioneer of the Pop-Pilates workout programme that has taken the US and the internet by storm. Pop-Pilates is a workout programme that Cassey developed as an equipment-free, total-body workout that her followers could perform in the comfort of their own homes simply by following the moves on her YouTube videos.

Snapchat can let you peek into other peoples' fitness regimes
Fall in love with a new sport thanks to Snapchat ¦ source: Pixabay - xxolgaxx

To promote her programme and train future Pop-Pilates leaders, Cassey also runs workshops all over the USA, and you can catch a glimpse of this among many other things, such as her workouts on her Snapchat story.

You’ll also get a taste for what fitness superstars use to fuel their workouts as she often takes pictures of her meals. So, if you’re in need of some positivity or even some inspiration to get active, add Cassey Ho on Snapchat.

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Adam Bornstein, Clarity in Fitness

If you add Adam Bornstein by his username, bornfitness, on Snapchat, you’ll have plenty of fitness-related content to keep you entertained and interested throughout the day. Originally a blogger, Adam Bornstein uses his Snapchat account as a dumping ground for photographs and videos of his life, you’ll also see quite a bit of his cooking, so be sure to jot down some ideas!

Adam also uses his Snapchat account as a means of communicating in a direct way with his followers by responding to their questions. As a personal trainer near me and nutrition expert, Adam Bornstein recognises the frustratingly high amount of contradiction and confusion in the world of health and fitness, and he seeks clarity in his work so that his followers and clients can enjoy a stress-free journey towards their health goals.

Alaina Sanders, Life of a #FitGirl

Personal trainer Alaina Sanders (AlainaGraceFit on Snapchat) is a brilliant role model and motivator for those who are both starting out in their fitness journeys and those who are already keen on working out.

Once you add Alaina, expect to see lots of clips of her workouts as well as what she gets up to at the gym. And if Snapchat isn’t enough, she also has a YouTube channel where she posts content about spending time at the gym, fuelling and re-fuelling before and after exercise and letting your body recover after a workout.

Joe Holder, What A-Listers Get Up To

Joe Holder is a Nike Run coach who works with many high-profile athletes and celebrities (yeah, he’s that good), and lucky for his fans and those looking for running inspiration, we can join in the action simply be adding jholder88 on Snapchat!

Reach your running goals with fitness snapchat influencers
Learn to make every mile count with running experts on Snapchat ¦ source: Pixabay - composita

If you’re a vegan or enjoy vegan food, you’ll also see plenty of Joe’s workout-friendly plant-based recipes to try for yourself.

The Base Body Babes, Positivity and Productivity

Aussie personal trainer sisters, Felicia and Diana that go by the username basebodybabes are all about living their best lives. In addition to getting some much-needed positivity put into your day by watching what they get up to, you will also see the fun side to working out. The Base Body Babes’ Snapchat account is a must-add for anyone looking for a relatable role model for their fitness goals – and you get two for the price of one!

The Base Body Babes specialise in teaching women how to lift weights and train safely yet effectively to get where they want to be in their fitness. They also value the importance of keeping a positive mindset when it comes to chasing goals and actively enjoy inspiring others, which is what makes their Snapchat story so good for those who are looking for #Fitspiration.

Rachel Brathen, How Does She Do That?

Those who enjoy yoga, whether it’s because it helps them to clear their mind, increase the range of motion in their joints or strengthen their core, know that yoga can involve anything from laying on the floor in corpse pose to performing the near-impossible extreme poses – yogi and snapchatter Rachel_brathen is at the top end of this scale. As the person behind @yoga_girl on Instagram, Rachel is well-known for her amazing skills, and her Snapchat story provides an insight into the lifestyle of an extreme yogi.

Yoga is one form of exercise that is pleasing to watch, and perhaps this is why Rachel’s social media accounts are so popular; because even if you never expect to achieve the poses she performs, you can still be inspired by them.


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