While very few people were singers a thousand years ago, the music industry is massive now! The UK music industry is in the billions. With so much money going around, anyone with the right skills can become a professional singer.

Why not you? 

Who hasn’t dreamed of singing perfectly, winning a televised singing competition, and becoming a star?

First things first! You have to learn how to sing well!

singing lessons Edinburgh. online singing lessons and work towards expanding your vocal range. You could also join a singing group in order to keep singing. This will also help you find your voice. You can also take private lessons with a singing teacher or vocal coach in order to improve your vocal technique, your pitch, and gain some self-confidence. Make sure you schedule your private singing tutorials regularly. There’s nothing better when it comes to improving your vocal technique. You should always look at several different voice coaches so that you can choose the right fit. Find a voice coach London. Work on Your Technique and Vocalising Warming up your voice is a step that no modern singer can skip. Vocal warm ups are obligatory whenever you sing and even more so if you’re about to put on a performance. To make sure you’re fully prepared to sing, you should make sure you take the following steps: Relax your jaw by doing some low-to-mid-range exercises before working progressively towards your head voice. Start with vocal exercises in a mid-range, then a low scale, then a high range. You can then start going from the low range to the high range as you vocalise. Have a short break and then start doing your scales again. Work on the nuances. Start by singing at a comfortable volume before increasing the volume in increments. You can then do this again but starting at a higher level. Practise pronouncing all the vowels and consonants. Try vocal agility exercises. These will do wonders for your vocal flexibility. There are plenty of examples of these on YouTube for you to check out. Some important advice for maintaining your voice. Make sure you drink water and tea with honey. Tea will stop your throat from drying out and honey is a natural antiseptic. Avoid smoking as it can irritate your throat, larynx, and vocal cords. Clear your airways, especially your nose. Always warm up before you start a singing session, especially if you’re considering singing high notes. Just like when you do sports, you have to warm up first! Do some sport to improve your breathing. singing lessons Manchester, the tutor is only there to help one student. This means that they can completely personalise every lesson and listen to their student’s needs. The student will progress more quickly because the tutor will be there to correct their errors as they come up, help them warm up, teach them to breathe correctly, and improve their vocal technique. In addition to recording yourself, karaoke can be a great way to practise your singing. (Source: Revac films & photography) Generally, private tutorials will cost more than group classes. However, the price of them can vary massively depending on a number of factors. Furthermore, they may cost you less in the long run as you’ll need less of them. There’s also nothing stopping you from taking group classes once you’ve learnt to sing in key. A private voice coach is great for those who are nervous about singing. We often sing out of key without even realising. You don’t have to worry about this in private tutorials because your voice coach will be there to help you. Thus, a student will build their confidence in their own abilities! Learn to Sing in Key with an App If you’re not quite ready to learn to sing with private tutorials, you can start by learning to sing with the help of free apps! Even if you’re no longer a beginner, there are plenty of apps that can help you improve your singing. The advantage of apps is that you can start using them as soon as you’ve downloaded them to your mobile or tablet. Then you can practise wherever you like! Sing True This app, which is only available on iOS, is perfect for beginners! It analyses the user’s voice and gives you exercises to make sure you improve your pitch. It can help you train both your ear and your brain in order to sing better. Furthermore, the app tracks your progress and gives you advice for working on your vocal techniques. There are plenty of apps that can help you sing in key. (Source: Sing Sharp Available on both iOS and Android, Sing Sharp is the most complete solution for those learning in key. You can do almost everything with this app: Warm up Vocal technique classes Vocal training classes Singing exercises Record your favourite songs Track your progress With all this in one app, what else could you ask for? Swiftscales This is the most professional app on our list. This app, which is available on iOS and Android, is like having tutorials with a vocal coach! Designed by signers, this app is for both beginners and experts. The app follows the beginner and will suggest personalised lessons depending on the singer’s tessitura. With breathing and technical exercises, this is the most credible app for working with private tutors. Sing! Karaoke Once you’ve improved your vocal technique and pitch, you can start singing your favourite songs! Available on both iOS and Android, this app offers over 800,000 different tracks. You’ll also find a vocal optimiser which removes the little errors you make and you can also record your progress. The Best Videos Online for Learning to Sing To sing in key, you need to hear in key and know how to listen well. You’ll therefore need to train your ear and tune your voice with an instrument like a piano, for example. However, producing any given note (like the A after middle C) requires a lot of practise. Believe in yourself and practise harmonising with all the notes in your range. Singing in key isn't a given, you have to work hard in order to find your voice. (Source: The Songbird Tree On Kerry Ho’s channel, you can find out plenty of things about how to improve your singing. Her advice for singers includes things like: how to improve your self-confidence, how to sing with vibrato, how to warm up your voice, how to sing with a strong chest voice, how to look after your voice. This works a bit like getting your own private tutor but it won’t cost you a penny. Eric Arceneaux Eric Arceneaux is a YouTuber who gives advice to singers. His YouTube videos cover a variety of different aspects of singing from how to protect your vocal cords, vocal workouts, warm up exercises, ways to sing in key, how to stand correctly, etc. Eric has plenty of great advice for those who’ve just started learning to sing! Felicia Ricci Felicia Ricci has plenty of videos on how to improve your singing. She has tutorials on plenty of different aspects of singing: how to sing with emotion, how to sing without tension, how to sing into a mic, how to fix your singing using breath, how to sing high notes, as well as videos on how to memorise songs and lyrics and how to relax your tongue while singing. There are plenty of videos on her channel that you’ll find useful. With these resources, if you don’t make any progress with you’re singing, we’ll be really shocked! In short: Singing out of key isn’t the end of the world! Almost everyone can learn to sing in key with a bit of training. You just have to understand the physics behind it. Singing in key just means that you’re singing in the right frequency with a sense of rhythm. However, there are other elements that you need to take into consideration like vocal timbre and your breathing. There are several options for anyone wanting to learn to sing in key. However, the prices of these options can vary wildly from the very cheap to the very expensive. If you're on a budget, why not find out about teaching yourself to sing or finding free singing lessons? There are apps available to help improve your singing. Swiftscales is arguably the best solution on the market. It’s a great app for both beginners and experts.

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