For many people living in the United Kingdom, whether they’re at the elementary or college level, school math can be a source of frustration and anxiety. Over the past decades, the UK has struggled to enforce a national curriculum that prepares its youth for both academic success and the tough job market. In fact, according to data gathered from nation-wide exams, one out of three English 11 year-olds failed to score satisfactorily in core subjects such as writing, reading and maths.

According to other studies examining math skills in the country, some critics have pointed out that the inequalities in the population’s socio-economic status serve to further intensify the struggles children of all ages are having with basic math. Others see the use of standardized tests as outdated and detrimental to student success. Regardless of where you stand on the debate, math and science are subjects people will continue to have to engage in at all stages of life.

If you're interested in finding a maths tutor for improving you or your child's arithmetic skills, this guide will walk you through everything from the kinds of arithmetic tutors on the market to what prices you can expect to find for each tutoring option.

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How is Arithmetic Defined?

Whether you’re studying calculus, trigonometry, pre-algebra or elementary grade math – different levels of arithmetic are involved in varying degrees of complexity in the classroom at all ages. Outside of the classroom, however, arithmetic also has practical applications that have become essential parts of our daily lives.

While we now have apps and software to make computation more approachable, it can be helpful to delve into some of the basics on what arithmetic is and how it has evolved over the centuries. If you’re struggling with arithmetic in math classes or in test prep courses, start by learning some of the history behind the theory.

Arithmetic is a branch of mathematics that has been around for millennia and whose basic definition includes four main operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. While these elementary operations may seem to only be reserved for lower level math courses, they actually form the basis of the majority of maths disciplines. If you or your child are struggling in math lessons or need to find a supplemental math program, here are some of the most common forms of arithmetic you’ll encounter at all levels.

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Primary School Math

The arithmetic at this level will include concepts and math problems such as long division, addition and subtraction. Learning arithmetic at this age can be difficult but forms an important foundation for more advanced math concepts.

Middle School Math

While the definition of which grades are included in middle school, this type of math generally refers to that which is taught at the 7th grade or 8th grade level. The subjects that you can encounter include pre-calculus, pre-algebra and more. The concepts are generally algebraic and can include ideas such as polynomial and linear equations, complex numbers, square roots, equations and inequalities.

High School Math

Arithmetic at the high school level can be involved in everything from trigonometric concepts, exponents, algebraic expressions, matrices, rational expressions, systems of equations and more.

College Math

At Uni, you will most likely be confronted with the arithmetic used in math logarithms, algorithms, conic sections, quadratic equations and more. Mathematics courses at this level are typically college algebra, statistics, linear algebra and differential equations.

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Private Arithmetic Tutor

Regardless of the level of maths or the math concepts you or your child is struggling with, getting a private tutor can help out with some of the major issues involving arithmetic math homework or research - including a detailed explanation on everything about arithmetic.

If you’re living in the London area, Keystone tutors offer help in school entrance exams, placement test and general test preparation. This can be a great solution if you’re looking to brush up any arithmetic skills you’ll be needing for upcoming standardized exams. The price for this service varies between 25 to 40 pounds an hour.

UK tutors is also a great resource to check out no matter where you’re living in the UK. Giving you the ability to search for a local tutor based on the subject and level, the price per hour will vary depending on what level of maths you’re looking to be tutored in. Generally, prices can range from 20 to 70 pounds per hour.

If you’re interested in finding a maths centre, Mathnasium has several locations throughout the country. Located mostly in Southeast England in cities like Oxford and Maidstone, they also have a location in greater Manchester.

In Scotland, the University of Strathclyde offers private support for students at their Maths Skills Support Centre. Gumtree also offers classified ads for people looking for a range of maths tutors.

With almost 122,800 tutors teaching math in person and online, Superprof offers a host of tutors at all skill levels throughout the UK. At an average cost of 12 pounds per hour, you’ll be able to find supplemental instruction in math in no time.

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Learn Arithmetic Online with Online Resources

Starting with those looking for an online tutor for math, Maths Doctor offers individual lessons that don’t require any long-term subscription. From packs ranging from four to eight lessons a month, going from 37 to 24 pounds an hour, they also offer one-off lessons for at 40 pounds an hour.

Interested in more virtual classrooms? Tutors Valley offers online maths tutoring starting at about 15 pounds an hour for primary and secondary school level subjects – including arithmetic.

If you’re looking to learn arithmetic online without a math tutor, or simply need some help with math word problems and homework, there are a range of math resources you can use to get that extra boost on your assignments and research projects.

If you’re interested in arithmetic help related to elementary level math class, check out AAA Math. Covering a diverse range of topics from addition, decimals, and fractions, AAA Math is organized by subject as well as grade level.

If you’re looking into Algebra and Geometry arithmetic resources, make sure to head over to Algebasics and Discovering Geometry for helpful maths practice, guides and tutorials. If you’re struggling with trigonometry instead, check out Dave’s Short Trig Course.

Containing explanations and diagrams organized with a handy table of contents, Dave’s Short Trig Course provides one of the best insights into trigonometric concepts.

Webinars and tutorials online can also be found through university websites as well as popular digital platforms. Whether you’re struggling through a tough concept or simply want to know more, the internet can be one of the most useful tools for your success. For more arithmetic resources you can access online, check out this guide on which arithmetic websites are best for learning!

subtraction facts can help you simplify expressions
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Free Arithmetic Help

Whether you learn best by self-teaching methods or simply don’t have the budget for a tutor, getting free math help should be an empowering experience. Here are some of the ways you can benefit from math learning or homework help at no cost.

Learn Math Online

One of the greatest ways to learn in the 21st century is through online resources. While we’ve already gone over many of the web’s most helpful websites, here are some that are geared as free tutoring platforms.

Math Tutor UK is an online website that gives lessons on the topics, visuals and problems involved in several math subjects. Starting with arithmetic, you can also learn other subjects involving higher level arithmetic operations such as geometry, vectors, integration and algebra.

Math Tutor displays each lesson in either video or text format and offers exercises along with each lesson topic. If you’re interested in more websites like this one, check out Student Guide. Priding itself on assisting students achieve their academic goals, Student Guide has complied a complete list of online resources for maths as well as a range of other subjects such as philosophy and astronomy.

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Free In-Person Tutoring

If you’d like to learn maths or need extra help but prefer the one-on-one tutoring method, there are plenty of free options at your disposal. Start by asking you or your child’s math teacher about their recommendations. While schools often offer a student and teacher led math lab that is aimed at math homework help, teachers can often also offer tips on the best that your local community has to offer.

If this isn’t an option for you, head over to your public library. Many public libraries throughout the UK have volunteer programs with local students that involve giving free tutoring lessons either individually or through a group.

Basic Arithmetic Practice Online

One of the best ways to learn is by practicing - while many of the resources mentioned include free lessons and practice, make sure to check out this guide for arithmetic questions worked step by step as well as examples you can try at home.


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