"To me, boxing is like a ballet - except there's no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other." - Jack Handy.

Practicing combat sports involves dueling, impeccable footwork, a good punch, precision movement, good physical condition and determination, as well as strength of mind to knock out your opponent.

Boxing has an ancient Olympic origin, dating from the 7th century BC, but  developed in the 17th century in England.

First in a clandestine way, then codified with specific rules and mandatory gloves, as well as with foam padding.

All combat sports and martial arts nowadays require specific sports equipment. Taekwondo requires the wearing of a dobok,  while aikido, karate, kung fu, judo or jiu jitsu require the practitioner to wear a kimono.

To hit the boxing club, it's the same thing.

You need boxing equipment, a whole outfit to put in your gym bag: mittens, boxing gloves, under gloves, hand wraps, boxing shorts, headgear, boxing shoes, miscellaneous equipment (skipping rope, mouthguard, chest protector, pads, wrist support, and shin guards).

Here we've got a list of the best brands of boxing gloves.

Why Should You Chose a Good Pair of Boxing Gloves?

When you are a beginning boxer, it is important that you not choose just any boxing glove. This choice must be at the forefront of considerations before joining a boxing club.

Don't settle for hand-me-down boxing gloves if they aren't right for you.
Oh no! I accidentally brought oven mitts to the boxing ring!

It's a bit like a developer or a web designer: good equipment helps you to work better.

In boxing - be it kickboxing, French boxing, full contact, MMA boxing, or traditional - it's all the same thing: you have to be careful to choose equipment equivalent to its use.

Used by competitors as well as amateur boxing beginners, gloves protect both the boxer and their partner.

In sports such as boxing, the wearing of the protective glove was made mandatory for the first time in the 16 rules of the Marquis of Queensbury, written in 1865.

These hitting tools can be made with several materials - leather, synthetic leather, imitation leather - and serve to dampen the impact on the phalanx and the partner's striking areas (head, chest, abdomen, ribs, shoulders, arms).

The quality of the boxer's gloves will influence the technicality and quality of a fight as well as the comfort and safety of the practitioners.

Hopefully, no-one ever puts bricks inside their gloves in the boxing room ... Similarly, gloves that are too lightly padded can damage the hands of the wearer.

It is therefore necessary to optimise the selection of a brand according to its use.

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Choose Your Boxing Gloves According to Your Level of Practice

Ideal for letting off steam, for self defense and for self-confidence, boxing requires choosing gloves according to the level and the use that one will make of it.

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Don't forget that size is as important as quality.
Choose boxing gloves that will best help you win your fights in the ring!

If you're "only" planning on going to the boxing ring once a week (which is better than nothing) or more sporadically, low-quality boxing gloves will be enough, while competitors will require a product of higher quality.

In essence, the frequency of use will greatly determine the price, finish and durability of the pair of gloves needed: a pair of entry-level plastic imitation leather of about thirty pounds, may last much longer than a pair of leather gloves at 100 GBP.

The quality of the materials is also an important variable in the choice of your boxing gloves.

Gloves for beginning boxers are manufactured in an industrial way. These will be imitation leather and PU black, white, gray - you can find them in all manner of colours.

What is PU?

It is polyurethane, a tear-resistant polymer that can be very elastic.

They will therefore be much less expensive and less qualitative than professional boxing gloves, which are sometimes made by hand, and with real leather.

Mid-level boxers have access to mid-range products, with boxing bags or boxing gloves equipped with reinforced seams or padded foam.

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How Do You Know What Size Of Boxing Gloves To Wear?

Finally, the last criterion to remember in choosing the type of gloves: size according to weight.

At first glance, one might think that all boxing gloves are standard, universal.

Find the right size gloves for maximum comfort and affect.
Gloves that are too small will become restrictive, as will a pair that is too big, so choose wisely.

However, they adapt according to the weight of the wearer: the size of a protective glove is indicated in Oz, an ounce in English. An ounce equals 28.35 grams.

The Oz represents the weight of the glove and the level of its protection.

As a result, it is understood that the larger the size is, the thicker the padding and the greater the protection.

The shots of a heavyweight boxer (over 85 kg) with gloves too small will be very hard, but the field of his guard (protection) will be smaller.

But on the other hand, gloves that are too big slow the velocity of movements and make them ineffective.

This is why there are different sizes depending on the weight of the wearer.

Here is a table to view them:

Weight of BoxerBoxing CategorySize of Gloves
51 to 54 kgRooster08 Oz
54 to 57 kgFeather08 Oz
57 to 60 kgSuper-Feather08 Oz
60 to 63 kgLightweight08 Oz
63 to 66 kgSuper-Light10 Oz
66 to 70 kgMedium10 Oz
70 to 74 kgSuper-Medium10 Oz
74 to 79 kgMedium12 Oz
79 to 85 kgMedium-Heavy12 Oz
85 to 100 kgHeavy12 Oz

If you're still in need of convincing, look no further than Englands greatest boxers.

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What Are The Best Boxing Gloves To Buy?

One would think that just like the beginner guitarist who learns their first chords, it is not the quality of the material which takes precedence, but the play of the musician, or in this case, of the boxer.

There's no point in having Jimi Hendrix's Fender Stratocaster to learn to play the guitar.

Choose a boxing favourite.
Everlast: a pro boxing favourite.

Ditto to learn to box. However, it can be comfortable to have good boxing gloves during regular practice.

Here are the most common brands of gloves:

  • Adidas,
  • Bad boy,
  • Century,
  • Champboxing,
  • Domyos
  • Elion,
  • Everlast,
  • Fairtex,
  • Hayabusa,
  • Kwon,
  • Metal Boxing,
  • Montana,
  • opro,
  • Reyes,
  • RDX Sports,
  • Ringhorns,
  • Rinkage,
  • Rumble
  • Shock doctor,
  • Tapout,
  • Twins,
  • Venum.

Again, the discrimination between brands will be based on the use of gloves.

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How Much Do Sparring Gloves Cost?

All brands offer all types of gloves: training gloves, punching bag gloves, sparring gloves, and boxing gloves for fighting.

Find the right boxing kit for you.
Remember, the equipment doesn't make the athlete. That being said, take pride in your kit as it will support you ringside!

Training, initiation and boxercise gloves at less than £50

We found initiation gloves from £7-12 for the pair.

The Domyos brand of gloves, at Decathlon, is undoubtedly the most competitive on the market: with its initiation gloves starting at £7.99, composed of soft molded foam with synthetic leather covering to absorb the blows, as well as velcro straps, they will be suitable for all novice boxers and their initiation.

Beginning boxers can also find brandnames Venum, Metal Boxe, Ringhorns and Adidas offering prices ranging from £10 to £50.

Intermediate Boxing Gloves

For regular boxing practice, muay thai or Thai boxing, it will be necessary to agree to pay a little more, especially to avoid updating or upgrading your equipment too often.

We find in this range the brands Everlast, Venum, Metal Boxing, Montana or Adidas.

Budget: from £35 to £100.

For example, Everlast Protex² gloves: made of synthetic leather - they include numerous padding on the palm and metacarpus.

They will be suitable for regular training, without being a boxing world champion, but while practicing with comfort.

Price: £50, but we found them on sale for £22 at Sports Direct!

Professional High-End Gloves

On Boxfit UK, for example, leather gloves by Twins are among the best boxing gloves. Highly resistant to pressure, they are designed for high level boxers.

Boxing can fortify your body and mind.
Solid protection will aide in the longevity of your athletic ability and performance.

The lining is made of superiour leather, which allows the glove to be durable. Their price: £95.

One type of high-end glove is  the "Official" Cleto black gloves, from the Reyes brand.

These gloves are approved by the largest federations for use in the World Championships and the European Boxing Combat Championship.

Prepare to spend + £140 for this type of glove.

French boxers in practice.
Boxing has come a long way from its humble beginnings. . .

Finally, after choosing the best gloves according to your tastes - keeping in mind color and aesthetics  - it is recommended to wear bandages and mitts or under-gloves to limit the wear of the gloves, and limit humidification of the gloves by sweating.

Here is, ultimately, a small table summarising the prices of some gloves  according to their suppliers:

The price of Boxing Gloves

DistributorType of GlovesBrandPriceRange and Level of Practice
DecathlonFKT 180 RedDomyos£7.99Beginning boxers.
RinghornsRinghorns Nitro BlackRinghorns£39.99Regular workouts, beginner to intermediate, professional finish.
Sports DirectExerlast Protex2Everlast£22Boxing fights, intermediate level, professional finish.
Boxfit UKTwins 2-Tone Boxing GlovesTwins£94.99High end, professional boxing.
Boxfit UKOfficial Cleto Lace OnlyReyes£188.99High end, professional boxing.

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