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Things to know before you start Boxing

You may already have some experience with boxing or martial arts, or maybe you’re a complete beginner, either way here are some things everyone should know before they pursue boxing. Boxing is a very mental sport, having the right frame of mind is very important but luckily it is something that can be improved with hard work. Training as a boxer is very difficult, it is rigorous and involves several different exercises and will take years to get anywhere good, even those with experience have to make sure they have perfected the basics and that they keep working on it. One key element that every boxer has to contend with at some point in their professional/amateur career is that they will be beaten at some point, no boxer has a 100% success rate and so the ability to take a loss gracefully is a skill and the ability to learn from your mistakes is key to developing into an excellent boxer.


How can you improve your boxing skills?

Boxing is all about continuous and gradual improvement, this means that constant and regular practice is required and if you want an edge over your competitors your mental state is very important, along with strategy. Diet is also key for any serious sportsman. Confidence and being able to take criticism and advice will also go in a long way to improving your skills but if you want to go the extra mile and start to fight competitively, you will have to find a coach to help you.


Quickly improve your boxing skills with Superprof

Superprof can quickly and easily link you up with an experienced boxing coach who can help you with this competitive sport. Boxing classes can only help you, coaches when given the time and attention they need can benefit every area of your boxing. They can instruct proper form, and raise the intensity of training sessions, they are the tool needed to bridge the gap between a beginner and a prepared boxer. The value of an outside eye when you’re training is also important, they will pick up on any bad habits that have subconsciously formed, they can spot areas that require more work and focus and all of this allows them to optimise and focus on future training sessions to make sure that you’re working on everything that requires attention. Not only will all areas be covered, but results will also come faster due to having a coach behind your back. With someone there instructing proper techniques and methods that may be unknown to you along with helpful tips and advice, you can expect to be improving far faster than you were without any help.


Finding Boxing classes near me

Superprof makes it easy to find a boxing coach but what makes an ideal coach? What makes a successful boxing coach is a few things but first and foremost is communication, your coach has to be able to communicate what's going wrong, and how they want you to fix it but do it in a way that keeps your motivation and drive high. Coaches must also be excellent in instilling discipline, discipline is one of the most important attributes of a boxer so if you can’t rely on your coach to arrive on time, host regular lessons and keep your work to a high standard, it's time to find a better coach. Finally, you want a personable coach, someone you can feel comfortable with so that training sessions aren’t an uncomfortable and annoying affair, the better you get on with your coach, the more you can focus on your training.


Using Superprof to find the right coach

Superprof provides several tools to find your perfect coach, a simple search bar shows all the instructors in Ireland and possibly abroad if that's what you want. You can then sort by all sorts of metrics, maybe you want to sort by how close they are to you in Ireland, or their price ranges, or their reviews. On a coach’s profile, you’ll be able to see the experiences of previous customers, and their bio which tells you a bit about their personality and maybe their qualifications in teaching boxing. In any case, there is a lot of information on Superprof that will help you in becoming a professional boxer!

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