"Life is like boxing, in four words: advance, cash in, duck, and move"

Julien Lorcy, former world champion of boxing.

When it comes to getting into sport, whatever the reason - getting thinner, learning to fight for self-defense, getting muscle or improving your fitness level - you often think about going to a gym and engaging in some bodybuilding.

However, sports disciplines can train you much better than fitness equipment. Take for example the combat sports named mixed martial arts (MMA boxing).

There are numerous combat sports - Savate/French boxing, boxing, Thai boxing, kickboxing, American boxing (full contact), Chinese boxing (kung fu), taekwondo, aikido, ju jitsu and ju jitsu brazilian, karate, viet vo dao, MMA - and all require specific sports equipment.

And yes! To hit a direct punch or an uppercut during a fight against your rival or during boxing training, you will need boxing gloves, a bag, a pao, a shield and some bear paws among other things!

And to kick a powerful and decisive kick in the boxing ring, you have to feel comfortable on your feet. That is to say, you must have good boxing shoes.

All boxers punch, and receive punches too. For this reason you need all the boxing equipment you can get, to train and also avoid getting hurt.

That's what Superprof seeks to share with you in this article: why and where to buy boxing shoes and shin guards! Let's take a look!

Do I Really Need Shin Guards In My Boxing Kit?

If a boxer says that a simple pair of tennis sneakers at 15 quid is enough to train with a punching bag, he has no clue about how boxing shoes can improve his practice!

Make sure to have the right boxing equipment.
Forget about the tracksuit and sneakers. Leave those outside of the boxing gym. Preparing for a boxing match implies adapted sports equipment.

Of course, it's pointless to rush to buy the top-of-the-line boxing accessories when you're a beginner, especially during your first class in a boxing gym.

But even for amateur boxing, a minimum is required if the novice is to train in proper conditions.

It is fundamental to choose good boxing shoes in order to support your feet and ankles during your boxing classes.

Don't forget to pick the right shoes, because they will allow for optimal footwork and make sure you have great mobility on the tatami or the dojo mat.

Boxing practice can be intense: it involves anaerobic cardio which works all the muscles of the body.

Every kick, every impulse, every hop will put the whole weight of the body on the feet and ankles.

A pair of shoes without padding and thin soles can cause a number of inconveniences:

  • It can damage tissues, joints and muscles
  • Cause back and lumbar pain
  • Hurt the knees and offset them,
  • Arouse a feeling of permanent discomfort.

Choosing shoes in ultra-light material will facilitate your practice and prevent your feet from sweating too much!

Generally, in boxing, it is about semi-rising flat shoes, with laces. The material may be leather or imitation leather to facilitate movement.

Always choose a size above your own.

For a good hold on the ankle and foot, it will be necessary to make sure you tighten your laces, while being certain that the shoes are not too tight, which will prevent blood circulation.

Finally, note that each type of boxing corresponds to a type of shoe.

For example, Savate boxing shoes must have a smooth sole, to avoid hurting an opponent during a fight.

They often have protective uppers made of leather or fabric and stopping at the shin guard.

Are you finally convinced of the usefulness of good boxing equipment? Obviously, no serious fighter has ever been seen jumping rope or hitting the heavy bag with flip flops on.

Where Can I Buy Some of The Best Boxing Boots?

With the internet and thanks to the development of e-commerce sites, there are many vendors selling boxing equipment, which makes it easy to buy boxing shoes in one click, and often for a cheaper price than at a sports shop!

Hard work and the proper equipment is required with boxing.
The right shoes will go a long way but won't help you to become a champion. Hard work and passion are what you need for that objective!

Buying elbow pads, wraps, ankle guards, knee pads, gloves, a boxing helmet or a mouth guard is easier than choosing the right pair of boxing shoes!

Here is a list of places where you can buy them either online or at the store:

  • londonfightstore.com
  • fightoutlet.co.uk
  • Boxing Shop
  • sweatband.com
  • Sportsdirect.com,
  • lonsdale.com
  • Rivatshop.com,
  • SportsEquipment.co.uk,
  • Sportscombat.com
  • Tudo.com
  • lillywhites.com/boxing

We don't have an exhaustive list of all the boxing sellers online. We can only make a comparative estimate of the prices according to the most popular types and brands of shoes.

SportsEquipment.co.uk offers five pairs of boxing shoes, and three pairs of French boxing shoes, from 52 to 81 pounds.

On Sportscombat.com, English boxing shoes range from 55 to 94 pounds. The variation in prices is explained by the quality of the materials: leather, canvas, the thickness of the padding and the thickness of the soles, etc.

The Decathlon website only offers one pair of Adidas BOXHOG II boxing shoes ( 64.99 pounds). Sewn in synthetic fabric, these are ideal for training and competition.

Four pairs on the Tudo.com shop range from 50 to 99 Pounds, the Metal Boxe and Fuji Mae brands offer different materials (nylon, leather, imitation leather, rubber soles) for all levels.

On the Boxing Shop website, practitioners will find shoes from 65 to 209 Pounds. Adidas, Rivat and Nike are the main brands here.

The Fight Shop has a wider offer: more than a dozen shoes - boxing and French or Thai boxing - from 65 to 199.99 pounds.

And, finally, the reputed brand Rivat offers the widest range of boxing shoes, with prices ranging from 65 to 170 pounds.

Here, it is the boxing level that will determine the price. A French Savate pair can easily go for 170 Pounds with its lateral lacing - for example - which allows competitors to kick with more amplitude and freedom.

Conversely, a Rivat pair for a beginner will mean spending 65 pounds. The pair itself will be more basic, as it is ideal for introductory courses.

Let's recap using this table:

Seller/StoreBrandMaterials usedPrice in Pounds
Matos 2 BoxeISBA, AdidasLeather, canvas, synthetic42,20 -71
Sportscombat.comAdidas, LonsdaleLeather, synthetic45 -87
DécathlonAdidasSynthetic canvas57,99
Tudo.comMetal Boxe, Fuji MaeNylon, imitation leather, synthetic47,50 -99
Boxing ShopAdidas, Rivat, NikeLeather, imitation leather, synthetic55 -187
londonfightstore.comSpeedex, AdidasLeather, imitation leather, synthetic77-189
RivatRivatLeather, imitation leather, micro fiber55 -190

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What Are the Benefits of Shin Guards for Boxing Training?

You bought your first boxing shoes, and they fit like a glove! (Which is perfect.) Now time to choose your shin guards...

Shin guards help to protect your during training
Thinking of meeting F. Mayweather in the boxing ring? You might need more than just some shin guards!

In Thai boxing, krav maga, full contact boxing, and French boxing, all shots are allowed.

This is true and false at the same time: the boxer can strike the legs, the ribs and the face but not the vital points (such as the vertebral column, back or genitals).

To limit the impact of kicks, competitors gradually "arm" themselves with protection which includes shin guards, a fundamental tool in boxing.

An overpowering kick can cause serious injury and it is contrary to the values of modern boxing. As a result, wearing shin guards is often mandatory in a boxing gym.

These guarantee protection against kicks. The shin guards must be sufficiently thick, but not too rigid either.

Soccer shin guards can be sold to practicing boxers because they are made of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam, providing optimal protection to cushion blows and avoid injuries.

Worn between the knee and ankle, these boxing accessories must be large enough to cover quite a bit of the leg. If the shin guard is too small, it will be counterproductive and won't provide good protection.

Moreover, there are several types of boxing shin guards, and in several sizes. Some only concern the shin, others the ankle and/or foot too.

Don't forget the disadvantage of their weight!

If a shin guard is too heavy, it can slow down the boxer's velocity. One needs to make a choice based on his boxing style.

Why not give different styles of boxing a go? I did a search for kickboxing classes London and found a great coach through Superprof!

The sizes of the shin guards are like many clothes:

  • Less than 170 cm: size S,
  • Between 170 cm and 175 cm: size M,
  • Between 175 cm and 185 cm: size L,
  • More than 185 cm: size XL.

How Much Should I Spend on Shin Guards?

How much do shin guards usually cost?

We can list most of the boxing shoe salesmen mentioned above: Boxing 2 Matches, The Fight Shop, Combat Sports, Boxing Shop, Decathlon, but also Blue Dragon, The Ring Corner and Metal Boxing. The list above should help you on your way to a great deal and a great product!

Make sure to get the best shin guards around.
There you go! 50 Pounds and you now have your very own shin guards with velcro enclosures and reinforced seams!

Here is a mini-guide estimating prices on the web:

  • Sports Equipment: From 11,86 to 76,50 pounds. From beginner's level to competition, from simple EVA foam to high density padding, wide velcro fastenings and reinforced stitching,
  • Blue Dragon: shin guards from 10,19 to 140,24 pounds
  • Combat Shop: from 3.99 to 50 pounds, Adidas brand,
  • Metal Boxing: from 13,56 to 56 pounds , brand Metal Boxe,
  • The Ring Corner: from 13.50 to 85 pounds. Brands: Fairtex, Venum, Boxing Metal, Adidas, Montana, Booster.

As a beginner, you can find shin guards for under 15 pounds!

For an intermediate to expert boxer, you will want to spend at least 50 pounds, if not 100 - or more - for these professional boxing accessories.

Let's also take a look at a table which will show you different comparisons when wanting to buy shin guards:

RetailerBrandPrice in PoundsMaterial
Matos 2 BoxeRinkage, RD Boxing, Elion, Booster, AdidasFrom 11,86  to 76,50EVA foam, high density foam, velcro
Dragon BleuMetal Boxe, Venum, Kontact, Rockguards, Fairtex, HayabusaFrom 10,19  to 140,24Leather, semi-leather, high density foam
sweatband.comAdidasFrom 13,99  to 50EVA foam, polyester, Polyurethane
Metal BoxeMetal BoxeFrom 13,56 to 56Leather, semi-leather, high density foam,
Sportsdirect.comFairtex, Venum, Metal Boxe, Adidas, Montana, BoosterFrom 13,50 to 85Polyester, Leather, Velcro

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