"Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding." -William Paul Thurston

Whether we like it or not, we must all face maths at some point in our lives. When we encounter more complex topics of mathematics such as algebra, trigonometry, or calculus, we want to succeed and become the best.

How can we soar to the top of the class?

By consulting additional academic resources online, any struggling algebra pupil can go from zero to hero in no time! 

Therefore, without further delay, in today's article, we will analyse the best websites to find general algebra and games, along with the most noteworthy podcasts and helpful tips.

Best Algebra Websites

it starts young
Youngsters can easily grasp the concepts of algebra via online learning. (Source: pixabay)

Because maths is the most common academic discipline that students struggle with and seek guidance, it comes as no surprise that there is an abundance of online resources available.

It does not matter if you need assistance or additional practice in geometry, trigonometry, calculus, or algebra; there are websites to help that can be visited after school hours to improve understanding. 

Without further delay, we will consider some of the best algebra websites currently available.

Khan Academy

With the mission to provide a world-class education to anyone, anywhere, for free, Khan Academy has deservedly gained a stellar reputation in recent years. Their website is equally consulted by experienced teachers wishing to consistently hone their craft and curious students who want to improve their maths skills.

The Algebra I section on Khan's site has many parts that are smartly organised and worthy of consideration. For example, the following list demonstrates which sections are included in Khan Academy's algebra section:

  • Algebra foundations, 
  • Solving equations and inequalities, 
  • Working with units, 
  • Linear equations and graphs, 
  • Forms of linear equations, 
  • Systems of equations, 
  • Inequalities (systems & graphs), 
  • Functions, 
  • Sequences, 
  • Absolute value and piecewise functions, 
  • Exponents and radicals, 
  • Exponential growth and decay, 
  • Quadratics: Multiplying and factoring, 
  • Quadratic functions and equations, 
  • Irrational numbers. 

That's quite a lot of algebra topics that can be analysed! Also, it is worth mentioning that each item has subcategories. Therefore, no matter the algebra question a student may have, the answer can be found with Khan Academy!

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The algebra study programme offered on Mathplanet is intended for an American audience. However, the critical aspects of algebra demonstrated are universal and do not change from one country to the next. Therefore, it remains entirely relevant for UK students.

Furthermore, with all that being said, the following are essential algebra categories that can be studied online using Mathplanet:

  • Discovering expressions, equations, and functions,
  • Exploring real numbers,
  • How to solve linear equations,
  • Visualising linear functions,
  • Formulating linear equations,
  • Linear inequalities,
  • Systems of linear equations and inequalities,
  • Exponents and exponential functions,
  • Factoring and polynomials,
  • Quadratic equations,
  • Radical expressions,
  • Rational expressions.

A bonus of consulting Mathplanet for algebra information is the fact that in each lesson, there are theory, examples, and video lessons.

The previously two mentioned options are only a few of the highly recommended online resources to learn more about algebra. However, before surfing the web for other alternatives, it is hugely advised to consult with teachers or peers and visit sites that they approve.

Interactive Websites With Algebra Games

computer games to learn algebra
By playing computer-based algebra games, essential concepts are grasped in an entertaining way. (Source: pixabay)

In today's world, the most commonly played video games involve mythical creatures, first-person shooters, and car theft. Nevertheless, it is essential to state that many educational games can be found on any website to improve a large number of academic abilities.

For example, without further ado, the following online resources feature engaging algebra games for all types of learners:

  • Sheppard Software: the math games included on the algebra menu of Sheppard Software's site features games such as solving for x, making a given number, finding number patterns, and comparing or ordering equations.
  • Online Math Learning: some simple algebra games and worksheets can be found on the online math learning website to strengthen algebra math skills and concepts while having lots of fun. Many of the free games offered can be played on PCs, Tablets, iPads, and Mobiles. Some of the games include Algebra Jeopardy, Algebra Four, and Planet Blaster, just to name a few.

There are many more websites where interactive games can be played to hone algebra skills. Also, the common belief that games are only for kids is a complete fallacy; adults may even enjoy the algebra games provided!

The Most Informative Algebra-Based Podcasts

the best podcasts
There are many educational podcasts that discuss the basics of algebra. (Source: pixabay)

With so many subjects to study for and various extracurricular activities to participate in on a regular basis, does it seem nearly impossible to dedicate time to consulting informative websites that offer remedial help in algebra?

If that is the case, you're not alone. Many studies suggest that secondary school and university students are busier than ever before with after-school jobs, studying for final examinations, and additional responsibilities.

So what's the remedy to improving grades in subjects such as algebra if there is no time? 

While private online tuition with a highly qualified Superprof tutor is a terrific option, it is not the only one. For example, many students have time to kill on their way to and from school; therefore, why not put in your earphones and learn more about an academic discipline via podcast?

We will consider two highly recommended podcasts that discuss distinct algebra topics.

Philosophy and Fun of Algebra by Mary Everest Boole

Recommended by Player FM, the philosophy and fun of algebra podcast was updated a day ago and is intended for older children; nevertheless, even adolescents may find her explanations exciting and worthy of consideration.

The podcast is based on the mathematics and philosophies of Mary Everest Boole, who was born in England in 1832. 

Although the word algebra is used broadly and only defined as a “method of solving problems by honest confession of one’s ignorance", the conversational tone and subject matter make learning algebra enjoyable and relaxed.

Some past podcasts include titles such as the following:

  • The Great x of the World,
  • Square Root of Minus One,
  • The Makings of Algebra,
  • From Arithmetic to Algebra.

Strongly consider subscribing to the Philosophy and Fun of Algebra by Mary Everest Boole podcast on Player FM, Apple Podcasts, or some other online resource to start learning more about algebraic expressions as soon as possible!

Algebra: Khan Academy

The brilliant research and well-organised algebraic information formulated by the experts working at Khan Academy can not only be appreciated on their website but also by using their informative podcast.

Algebra-based episodes last between 5 and 15 minutes depending on the subject matter. 

The Algebra podcast from Khan Academy can quickly be downloaded onto your Apple or Android phone using the App Store or Google Play to listen to episodes such as rational inequality, ratios, linear algebra, functions, variables, and complex numbers.

Helpful Tricks to Learn Algebra

Students who have enthusiastically enjoyed school year after year may begin to struggle and loss appreciation when algebra is introduced.


Long division, multiplying fractions, determining variables, and linear expressions all make algebra unique from other subdisciplines of maths and more terrifying than other academic disciplines. 

Nevertheless, since there are so many students wrestling to grasp the concepts of algebra, it comes as no surprise that there are valuable tips and tricks from reputable sources to master all algebraic expressions with confidence. The following are some of the best tips:

  • Learn the Shortcuts: when people think of the word "shortcut" they often think of someone who cuts corners to get things done more quickly; not necessarily a quality job! Nevertheless, by searching the web for useful shortcuts/tips/tricks, students become more efficient and orderly. It is essential to keep in mind that testing out the shortcuts ahead of time is crucial to see if they actually work.
  • Join a Peer Study Group: the support of other students that are going through the same thing is something that all pre-university pupils need. By joining a study group, peers can help each other out with homework, share practical tips, and complete practise quizzes to hone their skills. Learning from different perspectives in a study group is very valuable and worth the efforts since unique tricks and tools are shared to remember the rules of algebraic expressions effectively.
  • Hire a Tutor: while it is a brilliant idea to start a study group and impart your knowledge with other motivated pupils, the benefits of hiring a private educator are various. For example, private tutors are experts in their domain, provide personalised classes that suit the needs of each student, are patient and motivated, offer practical advice that can be used right away, and offer courses online via Skype or in-person. The bond formed between a professional private tutor and a struggling student creates positive learning memories for eternity.

Learning algebra by seeking the guidance of online resources is a brilliant manner to enhance the learning experience and correctly grasp the most complex concepts of maths.

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