Bodybuilding has experienced a boom in recent years, bringing together athletes bodybuilder champions and fans of muscle mass building, bench presses, weightlifting and bodybuilding competitions. Bodybuilders are also no longer exclusively men, female bodybuilders and male bodybuilders train side by side at the gym to perfect their six-pack. Both dedicated to bodybuilding fitness, bodybuilder nutrition and building muscle mass.

Gyms have undoubtedly become more popular as people are dedicated to their fitness goals of gaining muscles and losing fat like never before. But as we grow more concerned about our appearance, we also find ourselves becoming busier in everyday life. When you can not dedicate an hour a day to your workout routine, the best thing to do is to ensure, that the time that you have in the gym counts.

One of the best ways to do this is by focusing your workout program on full body routines. You can do this by dedicating a different day to a part of your body or you can do high-intensity full body workouts.

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What Is A Full Body Workout?

The Full body workout serves to train all the major muscles in the body; your chest, your back, your arms, hamstrings and abdominals. During the full body training program can engage many of these muscles groups in one movement, This kind of exercise is called a compound movement. Compound movements demand so much energy and burn lots of calories which is a great benefit for you to lose body fat and build muscle. But the downside is that this kind of exercise can really exhaust your muscles and requires a more extended rest period between gym visits.

Female bodybuilder lifting weights
It is a joy to do workout daily and enjoy the benefits. Photo Source: Unsplash

What Are The Benefits Of A Full Body Workout?

If you have become accustomed to spending hours in the gym to be able to maintain your physique and find it harder to find the time. Then read on as full body workouts could be perfect for you.

  1. Full body workouts are flexible and very easy to create and recreate from month to month. This gives you greater variety and also ensures your muscles remain active, which avoids training plateaus.
  2. A full body workout has a lower time commitment when compared to your standard bodybuilding exercises. This is a massive bonus as it can be hard to find time for working out for hours every day when you have so many other things going on as well. Full body workouts can be practised for around 3 days a week and for a shorter session length if structured well.
  3. If you tend to need a while to recover from your workouts, then you will love this one as full body workouts lessen recovery time. If you are dedicated to being a bodybuilder, then this is a significant plus as one of the main reasons muscles tend not to improve is because they have not had time to recover. If you work out every day, this can be an issue even if you are not focused on the same muscle
  4. If you enjoy other exercises outside of weight lifting or need to improve your flexibility by adding in some cardio. Full body workouts will allow you the time to do other things. This could be sports or activities that you enjoy, although you should be aware that the body does need some downtime between the workouts so if adding another exercise into your schedule make sure you are giving yourself the appropriate time to recover. The full recovery of your muscle is a key to the success of your muscle building.
  5. Your central nervous system gets time to take a break in between workouts. I know this one sounds weird but did you know that each time that you do something even as basic as a squat your central nervous system is activated. After continued workouts, it gets tired and starts to feel fatigued all the time, which has a knock on effect for your weight training.
  6. Fed up of those early mornings at the gym? Fed up of leaving home in the cold or rain to get to the gym? Well, this one is for you. Full body workouts can be done at home because they require less equipment. In fact, you could just use dumbbells.
  7. Does your schedule keep changing and mess with your body workout? With full body workouts, it doesn’t matter if you miss a day, as each session benefits the entire body. When working out different parts of your body on different days, you are under pressure to find time to fit in your missing workout to make sure your whole body gets the benefit. Thank goodness for full body workouts, as that is now a thing of the past.
  8. Trying to get rid of some extra fat to reveal your muscles underneath? Well, the full body workout is created for fat loss. This goes well with any fat burning diet where you are may be taking in fewer calories than the standard amount. As the workout doesn’t ask too much from the body regarding For the bodybuilding diet, you may need to restructure what you eat to meet the change in demand from the reduced workouts and reaction from your muscles.
Weight in the gym waiting to be used
All bodybuilders lift weights in some form or the other. Photo Source: Unsplash
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Can I Gain Muscle With A Full Body Workout?

The short answer is yes you can and will if your program is created with this in mind. Even if you practice just twice a week, the full body workout is designed to challenge your muscles enough to build muscle mass and develop strength. With a full body workout, you don’t have to give up gains or power if you find that you can't train as often as before.

However, the strength retention is longer lasting when compared to typical weight lifting and bench pressing. Because the whole nervous system is switched on when you use the full body workout since you are ‘of course’ using all of the body. The central nervous system being activated like this ensures that the body is evenly trained. Which avoids neglect to unworked on areas of the body and disruption to the training schedule.

What Is The Best Full Body Work Out To Build Muscle?

Full body exercise uses compound movements to maximise your potential as they require a more considerable input of energy than isolation exercises. They also work for many muscle groups at once which is why you can spend less time working in the gym when practising full body workouts.

The best full body workouts depend a lot on your body type, your commitment, your availability and the fitness goals that you have for your workout. So it is more efficient to look for the best full body work out for you rather than trying to find a generic full body workout which may not give you the results that you are looking for.

Working with a personal trainer will support you in finding the best full body workout. After a fitness test and a chat to determine your goals. Trainers will be able to create for you a personalised program that will take you from skinny novice to bulking bodybuilder in no time.

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Begin with what you can do and build up from there.
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Examples Of A Full Body Workout To Gain Muscle

There are some characteristics that many of the successful workouts share. You can use these similarities as your baseline and tweak from there, to develop the best full body workout for you.

  1. Working out 2 -3 times per week with rest days in between workouts.
  2. You can mix repetitions and change the rest time between exercises.
  3. You should set yourself an achievable target when starting to plan your reps. Increase weights and reps each week slowly to challenge yourself and allow your body the time it needs to adjust to more challenging
  4. The abs, calves, triceps and biceps get worked out during the workout so don’t really need to be targeted directly.
  5. Each workout contains one compound exercise per major muscle group. You should ensure that you work the lower body muscles, upper body pushing muscles and the upper body pulling muscles plus always add a shoulder exercise.
    1. An example of lower body exercises include squats, deadlifts and lunges
    2. An example of upper body push exercises includes pushups, dips and bench presses.
    3. An example of upper body pulling exercises include pull-ups, chin-ups and Lat Pulldowns.
    4. An example of shoulder exercises includes the military press, lateral raises and upright rows.
    5. If you would like to, you can also add an isolation exercise for 2 muscles such as your abs, calves, triceps and biceps.

The core exercises of many full body workouts are the squat, deadlifts, overhead presses and farmers carries.

While there are a few disadvantages to using the full body workout as your primary workout. Such as you cant use powerful techniques due to not having enough time to recover fully between workouts.

The full body workout is an adaptable, high-frequency workout that gives you fast long lasting results. Flexibility in your time investment and the exercises that you use to develop your program and adaptable to many environments. So if you have never used the full body workout, would you consider adding it to your routine?

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