Bodybuilding is an activity that you have to engage in fully to succeed. It is easy to think that one day soon I will have the results that I am looking for. But for many, that day is further out than it needs to be. Often it is easy to make mistakes because bodybuilding is a sort of fend for yourself kind of exercise where you either hire a trainer, try a new method (like The Lafay Method) or go it alone.

Building muscle, going to the gym almost every day, doing push-ups, weight lifting, or do other kinds of exercise. Is very time to consume, especially if you don’t know what you are doing?

Sometimes if you do enough research, you can find some great advice from well-known bodybuilders. Who guide you on things like nutrition and calories, to how to build muscle and maintain your bodyweight. This can be an excellent roadmap to a workout routine that you know works.

Gaps in the market like this are why Olivier Lafay created a new method for people who want to build muscle.

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Who Is Oliver Lafay?

Oliver Lafay is a French sportsman and the author of a large number of books about bodybuilding, strength maintenance and body training. His book the Lafay method contains no less than 110 exercises, and it is a number 1 best seller in France. The book takes you through the technique and how to develop your fitness to get the body of your dreams.

Lafay noticed a gap in the market and had the idea to create a principle which would allow people to train their body without the necessity for additional weights. He designed the system to use callisthenics, where practitioners use their own body weight and everyday items like chairs, tables and benches.

The only issue is that it is currently only available in the French language.

Many top athletes use this method
Anyone can use this -Bodybuilders, Runners and dancers alike. Photo Source: Unsplash

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What Is The Lafay Method?

The Lafay method was invented circa 2004 in France. It is a training method for bodybuilding which balances the calibration of the body with body weight exercises. It is very focused on the effects of stretching to prepare the body for activity, and these stretches focus on the top of the body the central region of the body and the lower part of the body.

The Lafay method is not just a stretching program however it is a comprehensive workout system. The Lafay method promotes endurance, flexibility and also relaxation. It is a very complete fitness program that is suitable for everyone, its simplicity allows you to gain muscle and lose fat with or without additional supplementation.

Lafay has focused on creating a training method that was independent of going to the gym. Which allows you to use your own body weight to complete the entire series of postures. So you can train at home, in a playground, in the gym, at the beach or anywhere in fact.

All you really need is a bar and something for it to balance on, which is why a playground could be the best location for you. Just make sure you use it when the kids aren't running around to avoid suspicious stares from onlookers and parents. This method is entirely location independent and is the true no excuse approach to exercise. It reminds us all that we all have the potential to be more healthy.

You can also find a personal trainer to teach you the Lafay method.

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Why Use The Lafay Method?

The Lafay method is most well known in France but it is spreading, and people are coming to learn about the principles and benefits of this technique.  You don’t have to pay for any gym membership or fees, you don’t have to wait for machines, and when travelling, it is easy to find a playground and continue your workouts.

This is a very flexible method of exercise which allows you to practice where you feel comfortable. You don’t have to do anything more than buying the book to get the exercises and learn about the philosophy. However, currently, the entire method is in French, which makes it hard for people who don’t speak French to access the information. But it is good to realise that as the method catches on more and more people will introduce the technique in different languages.

Although the method requires nothing to practice it, you should bring your motivation each and every day to make sure you complete your session. Because it can take up to 6 months to see results you do have to remain motivated and dedicated to the practice.

Surprisingly the book also touches on diet and psychology so you will be guided to stay motivated and remain committed. While working to attain your fitness and health goals. All without giving up on strength, stamina and endurance and of course flexibility.

No equipment needed to start
Lafay method exercises can be done anywhere. Photo Source: Unsplash

How Does The Lafay Method Work?

The central idea is to peak your motivation to increase your engagement in a regular fitness regime. You will slowly as time goes on increasing the intensity of the activity while also giving your muscles the opportunity to recover fully. Over time you will see the changes within your body.

Unlike the hours at the gym that you have to invest during bodybuilding or weightlifting sessions. The Lafay method is not time-consuming, this is another clear motivating factor especially if you are very busy and fail to work out because of this.

Lafay has created a system that aims to be all-inclusive, motivating and straightforward. It is an exciting system which seems to follow these steps roughly.

  1. Take a level test to determine your baseline. This is loosely based on your fitness engagement and activities that you have taken part into date.
  2. The training takes shape from here by giving you a suitable level which goes from beginner to advanced
  3. You then follow the instructions based on your level and start working out
    1. The method begins with a warm-up
    2. Then it leads you through a few different exercise series, which target different parts of the body. From the shoulders, arms, chest and legs.
    3. In between your series you have 25 seconds of rest time.
  4. Repeat and move up the levels of which there are around 13 in total.

An Example Of Lafay Exercise:

There isn't much information available in English online about this, but I managed to find out about a set of three exercises which are called La Triade:

  1. This is the dipping series in which you use your body weight and two chairs.
  2. This is a push-ups series which you complete with a space of 40cm between your hands
  3. The last is another push-ups series except for this time you complete it with your feet elevated and an area of 60 to 80cm between your hands.
Healthy plate of food full of protein
Losing weight does not need to be a headache with the Lafay Method. Photo Source: Unsplash

What Are The Benefits Of The Method?

Some key benefits of this method are the uniquely clear objectives and outcomes that provide each person with the results that they desire. So you can aim to lose weight or build muscle and adjust your workout session to suit your ultimate fitness goal.

You could aim to have better endurance for your running or groom a bodybuilders physique. This method is suitable for all kinds of people who could all have varied ideal outcomes. But they will work towards those outcomes following the same process.

Some Other Benefits Include:

  1. You can work on all aspects of your physical performance.
  2. Exercises in this method are full body workouts.
  3. It guides you entirely through the warm up to the session and the cool down at the end.
  4. If you want to be an athlete, this could help you get there, as it can also improve your endurance flexibility and your strength.
  5. The method can suit all fitness objectives.
  6. It is very nurturing and doesn’t leave you to solve problems alone, you have each difficulty written at length to support any challenges that you are having.
  7. The method supports your constant positive development. You will see consistent improvements as long as you follow the plan.
  8. The sessions are clearly explained and precisely detailed for you to follow without any confusion.
  9. The time investment for each workout is specified, so it is easy to fit it into any schedule.
  10. The exercises are adaptable so you can tweak them to suit your current ability and level of fitness.

Many top athletes use this method which is helping to spread the message and prove that the principles taught in the books and at the workshops do work.

A lot of personal trainer specialising in the Lafay method.

When I visited the Lafay website it said:

“The Lafay Method is the opportunity to gain the versatility of an athlete in the minimum practice time. You can gain great strength, endurance, power, flexibility and relaxation all with just 2 workouts per week.

Now that’s impressive! I am sure once they translate their books from French into English and other languages they will have a substantial international following.


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