If you have scoliosis, it means your spine is not straight.

Even if it does not prevent you from playing sport (in fact, exercise helps strengthen the muscles and protect the back), you may be unsure whether or not you are able to do yoga.

  • Do complicated yoga poses scare you?
  • Are you afraid of hurting your back?

And yet, a recent study has shown that yoga can actually help straighten the spine. In the most successful cases, sufferers found a 49% improvement in the curving of their spine.

This needs to be addressed in more detail...

Scoliosis, a Common Condition

2 to 3% of adolescents have scoliosis, i.e. an abnormality of the spine in the frontal, horizontal and sagittal planes. In summary, the spine forms an S shape.

Idiopathic scoliosis is usually detected in childhood and scientists have not yet formally identified the exact causes. There is also a type of traumatic scoliosis.

As you grow up, the curve of your spine may grow. To limit this risk, physiotherapy aimed at strengthening muscles and wearing a brace is usually prescribed by doctors.

The side-effects of scoliosis primarily include:

  • Back pain,
  • Respiratory problems,
  • Acute spinal pain.

Not to mention psychological side-effects that can affect young sufferers especially, caused by visible back deformity or having to wear a brace.

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Can Yoga Reduce the Curving Of the Spine?

Now let's go back to yoga.

How can appropriate physical exercises help scoliosis patients?

Find an experience yoga instructor online to teach you the right moves.
Learn the correct poses and moves to realign your back and prevent backache. Source: Visual hunt

Through side plank exercises, scientists found an improvement in patients' spinal curve.

This scientific discovery gives hope to many people suffering from this condition!

A study published in 2014 in the Global Advances in Health and Medicine Journal gave the results obtained by 25 patients.

Doing the Vasisthasana pose every day for less than 2 minutes, the yoga beginners saw the curving of their scoliosis decrease from 32% to 49%. Very promising results when we know that conventional treatment does not reduce curving, but only slows its development.

So if you are still it doubt, it's time to buy a yoga mat and get started with this exercise that not only has great physical advantages but psychological benefits as well.

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Before searching for 'yoga classes near me' or 'yoga near me', it is important to follow these important tips:

  1. Some yoga postures can aggravate back pain and scoliosis, so it's important not to try them all,
  2. Knowing the basics of yoga is essential, so you need to find a yoga teacher who can give you with the right instruction.
  3. Ask your doctor if they would advise doing of yoga,
  4. Tell your yoga instructor that you have scoliosis and make sure he/she is qualified to teach yoga to people with back problems.

There are several poses, also called asanas, that have particular benefits for people with scoliosis:

  • Vasisthasana: the side plank pose,
  • Sarva Hita Hasana: the lateral bending of the upper body,
  • Trikonasana: the triangle pose,
  • Gomukhasana: the cow face pose.
Is it bad to work out if you have scoliosis?
Gomukhasana, the "cow face" pose is one of the recommended asana for scoliosis. Source: Do you yoga

Working the lateral muscles of the bust is important for people with scoliosis.

All these moves take back complaints into account. Stretching also great for increasing flexibility. Focusing therapeutic yoga on strengthening back muscles also helps to prevent scoliosis from getting worse.

What are the advantages of yoga?

There are even yoga classes for children. You can start yoga at any age and these poses are easy to perform. Not to mention that children's yoga classes are fun and always end with relaxation and breathing exercises.

Children or teenagers who do yoga will feel the benefits of it. There are lots of advantages of yoga, which include:

  • Promoting relaxation and calm,
  • Improving concentration and attention,
  • Combatting against stress and anxiety,
  • Enhancing self-awareness.

And during yoga class, they will learn to keep their back straight. Having a general bad posture goes hand in hand with aggravating scoliosis.

Elders can benefit from yoga too, especially if they suffer from arthritis or any form of tendinitis...

If it is not advised to start doing yoga on your own at first, once the basics have been mastered, you can create your own yoga routine and practise yoga in the comfort of your own home. A great idea to kick start the day in a relaxed frame of mind.

Mediation exercises calm the mind and are a key part what you learn in yoga class.

To reap the benefits of yoga, why not search for yoga near me, in London or elsewhere in the UK!

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