Whether you want to tone up, lose weight, or get in shape, you should get in touch with a fitness professional as soon as possible.

Sports centres and on-line workout videos aren’t nearly enough when it comes to your health and fitness. You need to be driven, focused, and disciplined. A personal trainer can help you with all of this. As you'll see in this article, there are plenty of advantages to getting a fitness trainer to come to your own home.

Personal Training is Becoming More Commonplace

Maybe you’ve noticed that your friends or family members are now even getting their own personal trainers to help them with their fitness goals.

Whether they want to get back into shape, build muscle, or lose weight, a certified personal trainer will provide their client with a fully personalised training programme.

Fitness training is even more effective when you don’t have to wait for a free machine or travel half an hour to your nearest gym!

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Personal trainers are becoming more and more popular. (Source: pixabay.com)

Whether in a nearby park or your own home, a personal trainer can come to you. This can make working out so much more enjoyable!

Pascal, an accredited personal coach in Paris can attest to this. For him, sport is the key to happiness and personal well-being. You can feel better in both “body and mind” just by doing regular exercise.

For a personal trainer to do this, you have to adapt to your client by changing the intensity of their workouts and deciding on a schedule that will work for them. That's all well and good but how can you find a personal trainer like Pascal?

On Superprof, for example, there are plenty of qualified and experienced personal trainers...

All of these professionals can offer a wide range of different sporting activities such as running, cardio, weight training, pilates, yoga, stretching. Whatever activity you'd like to do, there's a coach or personal trainer that can help you do it.

The 10 Advantages of Personal Trainers

Any athlete, whether an amateur looking to get back into shape or a seasoned professional, should expect to see results from their training. To make sure this is the case, they’ll have to have clear and achievable objectives.

However, you mightn’t be fully aware of all the benefits that exercising can bring you. There are even more benefits when you exercise with a personal trainer.

Firstly, they can help you massively with your motivation. Daily life can sometimes make you lose confidence and leave you constantly feeling tired.

A personal trainer can provide you with a personalised training programme and constantly monitor your progress. Session by session, they can keep an eye on how you’re doing and alter your goals and training sessions accordingly.

A personal trainer will also make sure that you're training correctly and help you to avoid injury. Thanks to a personal fitness instructor, you’ll be able to see results more quickly and achieve a large number of your initial goals.

Finally, other benefits include:

  • A large selection of professionals with different specialisations to choose from.

  • Different rates meaning there's a personal trainer for every budget.

  • Being able to train at home or nearby.

  • Nutritional advice to improve your eating habits and to help you eat more healthily.

Train Safely with a Personal Trainer

Let’s go back to one of the most important benefits of having a personal trainer: being able to work out or exercise safely!

How can you work out safely?
A good trainer will also explain you how you can exercise safely. (Source: pixabay.com)

Thanks to their professional training, every personal trainer will have at least the necessary knowledge of the human body and how far it can be pushed. They also know the dangers and risks of every activity they teach.

It’s important that when you're working out, you’re doing it right.

Be it at the health club, pool, running track, park, football pitch, your personal trainer needs to be aware of how the weather, the location, time, and equipment can affect each session, especially in terms of your personal safety.

When it comes to making progress and working out without hurting yourself, a fitness coach has to be honest. Communication is key when it comes to ensuring that you’re not taking any unnecessary risks. This is even more true when you first start working with your own personal trainer as you won't have had the time to perfect your technique.

When it comes to communication, the goal is to establish a strictly professional student-teacher type relationship with them. This will help you to better understand how to follow your fitness classes safely.

After all, it’s their responsibility as a qualified professional to ensure that you’re safely benefiting from every exercise they tell you to do. They also need to make sure that their equipment and the place where you’re working out is appropriate and safe.

The Advantages of Personal Coaching at Home

In addition to the benefits of having a personal trainer, personal training itself comes with a lot of benefits.

Where are the best places to work out?
You need to have a friendly and professional relationship with your personal trainer. (Source: pixabay.com)

You can benefit from things you have around your house or flat to work out. You don’t need to go out and buy loads of gym equipment. A personal trainer can show you a few of these tricks:

  • Work on your legs and glutes by climbing the stairs

  • Use make-shift weights or use your sofa or chairs for a number of exercises

  • Do some simple cardio exercises from the comfort of your own living room

  • Do sit-ups wherever there’s space

There are so many different ways to work out in the comfort of your home.

Your personal trainer will probably suggest that you buy a few things like a yoga mat, weights, sporting attire, good shoes, maybe even a good sound system for your workout jams!

In short, the main advantages or personal coaching are:

  • Tailored sessions

  • The comfort of working out from your own home, cutting out travelling time, and being able to shower and eat straight afterwards

  • Saving time and effectively using your free time

  • Scheduling that works with your timetable

Why Choose a Personal Trainer?

If you train at home with a coach with a personal trainer certification, you’ll benefit from personalised advice. This isn't like a group fitness class where you're just another face in the crowd.

You won’t have to wait hours or days for a trainer at gyms to become available to answer a few of your questions.

You’ll learn immediately the best and safest ways to work out. Your personal fitness trainer will ensure that you're stretching before you workout, using the correct training techniques during cardio sessions, and ensuring that you're lifting correctly during your strength training.

Furthermore, you can’t deny that it can be awkward organising when and how to go to the gym. You need to work out if you’ve got time to go, how long you’re going to work out for, and then make your way back home.

Sometimes this can be complicated enough to make you just not bother going at all! This is no longer a problem when you get a personal trainer to come to your own home. Or if you find a dedciated online personal trainer!

It can sometimes be difficult to continue doing your regular workouts and keep going to the gym. Fortunately, a personal trainer is there to keep you motivated and ensure that you never give up.

Don’t forget the obvious benefits that come with personal coaching in terms of your health and well-being. That’s probably the biggest reason to hire a personal trainer.

Get Motivated with the Help of a Personal Trainer

Let’s finish by talking about motivation.

How do you stay motivated when exercising?
You can rely on your personal trainer to motivate you! (Source: KristopherK)

We all know someone (it might even be you) who signed up for a gym and, without another person encouraging them to go, stopped going after either a few days, weeks, or months.

They probably didn’t even get close to the results they were expecting.

How do you avoid this? By hiring a personal trainer, of course!

They’ll know how to make sure that this doesn't happen. They’ll be able to work out an effective training programme that, while exhausting, can leave you feeling invigorated. You can also discuss any doubts or concerns you have with your personal trainer and find out ways to resolve them.

When it comes to personal training, motivation can come in the form of both words and actions. Whether a passionate motivational speech, a few simple words, or just an encouraging look...

Written exchanges can also be motivational. Make sure they have as much useful informational so that they can do their job effectively. They can even provide you with written reports of your progress and advice on how to improve the next session. It’s a great way to encourage you to go the extra mile.

Generally speaking, by regularly communicating with your personal trainer, they’ll get to know you better and know how to best motivate you.

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