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💸 How costly is maths tuition in Bray and the surrounding areas?

The average cost of maths lessons in Bray is €21.


Tutors rates will differ depending on:

  • the experience of your tutor
  • where your lessons will be (online or the student's place)
  • the number of classes and the duration of each class
  • the goal of your classes

97% of our instructors give their first maths lesson for free. Check out the rates of our maths private tutors in your area.

👨🏼‍⚖️ How many private tutors are available to teach maths courses in Bray?

In Bray and the surrounding areas, 4 maths tutors are available to give lessons


To find your private tutor, read their tutoring cv to find out more information about their courses.


Choose your maths course in Bray from our range of more than 4 maths tutors available.

💻 Can you take private maths classes online?

On Superprof, you can learn maths online with a private tutor. Whether you need help revising for your Junior Cert, are struggling with maths concepts, or would just like to work on your maths skills, our tutors can help you.


Many of our maths tutors also offer private online tuition. Around 80% of the private teachers on Superprof offer maths classes via Skype and most of them offer their first lessons free!


To find the available online teachers, just enter your subject criteria into the search engine and select the webcam filter to see the available teachers who are currently offering online courses in your desired subject.


Online courses via Skype offer you more benefits. You can plan your classes to fit around your schedule and online lessons are often less expensive as the tutor does not need to travel.


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✒️ What is the average score given by students to maths teachers in Bray?

Students scored their maths tutors on average out of five from a sample of recommendations.


In case of a problem with your course, a customer relationship manager from the Superprof team will be on hand to find a solution by email from Monday - Friday.


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🎓 Why not start maths grinds in Bray?

Mathematics is one of the hardest subjects in school. Many students struggle with maths throughout the school year, whether at primary level, secondary or higher. This is why maths support is so highly sought after.


With the help of a maths tutor many students are able to overcome their fear of maths.


Take private maths courses to learn more about the different mathematical concepts with a qualified tutor. With the help of your tutor, now is the perfect occasion to master the different mathematical concepts more efficiently.


Whether you want to take private lessons from the comfort of your home or take online classes, pick your tutor and book your lessons today.


A messaging system is in place to allow you to exchange with your tutor to schedule your maths grinds whether you want to learn from the comfort of your home or at an outside location.


Make use of our search engine to find your maths teacher from among 4 private teachers in Bray.


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The Superprof website

Through our website, Superprof offers you a great selection of tutors that you can pick and choose from, we have a diverse and talented collection of tutors on our website and with our easy-to-use platform, you won't have any trouble finding them.

On our website, you can enter the subject that you’re hoping to get tutoring for and the location where you want it. You will then have a selection of tutors in front of you and with our website functions you can filter them out to find the one for you. You can filter the list of tutors by location, whether or not they’re nearby, the rates that they charge, their response time to messages sent to them and what levels of maths are taught by them.

When you click on a tutor that you’re interested in, you’ll be brought to their profile which has even more useful information to aid in your choice. On the profile, you can see if the tutor has been verified by Superprof. You can also see their average response time to messages sent to them, whether they offer lessons individually or as a group, what particular subjects they offer and also at what levels.

Some other handy info that can be found on a tutor’s profile is: their methodology, their experience in the subject and teaching, whether they do lessons in person or not, the maths levels that they tutor, their individual rates for online and in-person teaching and many attach their CV as well. 

Users can also make reviews for tutors and leave comments about their experiences and can use other people’s reviews to fine-tune their search.

Why get a tutor?

Getting a tutor for your exams is often a very good idea but it's not the only time when you can benefit from tutoring. Maths is a very broad subject and it isn’t uncommon to come across a particular topic that is hard to understand and figure out by yourself. Not understanding a topic of the subject can lead to problems down the line and can even discourage you from trying to work hard on maths as it's very frustrating having to deal with something that you can’t figure out. This is where tutoring comes in.

Having someone who can give their full attention and clearly explain and guide you through very specific issues that you are having with maths can make your life easier when it comes to exam time and can increase your overall enjoyment of the subject in the long run. 

Tutoring can also be a lot of help if you are planning on going back to education. It is very common to forget maths details and methods when we don’t use them often. Getting a tutor to jumpstart your memory again and get you used to solving various equations and talking you through concepts, is recommended and will make you feel ready to start your new journey and to start you off on the right foot. 

Also, many of our tutors are either in third-level education or have been through it and since we have such a diverse number of tutors who have studied many different maths-related subjects, you would be able to get up to date and insightful information into the type of maths coursework associated with a particular degree and the difficulty of it, as well as the knowledge required to do well in it.

Our tutors in Bray

There are over 200 maths tutors in and around Bray who are available to help out with all your math needs. There are lots of maths, physics and other graduates who are knowledgeable, skilled and passionate about the subject. 

All levels of maths are catered to but some tutors only focus on university or secondary level so be sure to carefully check their profiles.

Most tutors respond within 24 hours via the messaging system so any questions that you may have will be answered quickly for you. Many of the tutors provide lessons on an in-person basis and are also happy to do online classes. Online classes are often cheaper per hour compared to in-person ones but it does depend on the tutor so keep an eye out.  It is also fairly common to see cheaper rates when booking multiple in-person classes in advance, so if that suits you it is an option with some tutors.

Tutoring isn’t just for children and teenagers

Tutoring is also very useful for those going back into education and looking to revise after a long period of not using maths academically. Not understanding a topic of the subject can lead to problems down the line and can even discourage you from trying to work hard on maths as it's very frustrating having to deal with something that you can’t figure out. The graduates and older students will happily get you back up top speed and will be able to advise you about the maths level in your subject at tertiary level. 

Having a firm grasp on your maths subjects will take pressure off you, allowing you to dedicate more time and effort to your other subjects as well as increasing your enjoyment of your return to education.

Tutoring can also come into use if you wish to brush up on some things for work, such as starting a new role or getting a promotion. Getting a tutor to jumpstart your memory again and get you used to solving various equations and talking you through concepts, is recommended and will make you feel ready to start your new journey and to start you off on the right foot.

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