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Mathematics, commonly referred to as ‘maths,’ is a broad subject from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to algebraic formulas and mathematical algorithms. Maths studies quantity and structure. In a maths course, there is generally a lot to cover, especially in secondary school where there is so much to cover in such a short amount of time. Therefore, it makes sense that you might need that bit of extra help with maths. 

Maths is all around us and there really is no way of escaping maths in this day and age, so it is important to at least know the basics. Moreover, maths is a necessary subject for most college courses because of how significant it is when it comes to everyday life. In fact, most colleges set out a grade minimum threshold for maths in order to be eligible to get that course, which means that if you get more than enough points for your desired course, you might still not get that course because you did not get a certain grade in maths. 

How is Maths all around Us?

When we think about it, we encounter maths in our everyday life even when we are not conscious of it. Firstly, when we wake up in the morning and we look at a clock, that is maths! When we were in primary school, we learned how to read a clock. Even if your time is digital, it still took maths to decide how to quantify time which is why we do not determine the time by the sun anymore and we simply just check our watch, phone, tablet, clock, etc. 

Secondly, when we go to the shop, maths is all around us, from counting change to calculating discounts applied to items to counting the items you put in your basket, you are constantly doing maths. When you put things together, you generally use maths through determining angles and how much to put together.

Even cooking and baking uses lots of maths when quantifying, deciding what to do when you have put too much or too little of one ingredient in, measuring ingredients, converting metrics, and the chemical reactions that occur in the food during the cooking and baking process. 

Even if you do not want to pursue a career in maths, chances are that your job will use maths at some point in time or even fairly regularly. For example, doctors use maths when administering medication to clients, getting the height and weight of clients, and calculating their body mass index. Scientists use maths when magnifying images that are seen through a microscope and when calculating the rate of growth of micro-organisms, amongst many other things. 

Lawyers use maths when calculating monetary damages and compensation, percentages, and division of assets in a case. Auditors and financial analysts primarily use maths in their job. Other jobs like builders, engineers, teachers, actuaries, cashiers, chefs, and bartenders all use maths. Therefore, it is very difficult to escape maths. If you cannot beat them, join them, so instead of avoiding maths, it is best to master it, because the opportunities that stem from mastering math is plentiful. 

What Attractions are there in Drogheda?

Learning maths is not a time-consuming task and aside from maths lessons in Drogheda, you should take the chance to explore all that County Louth has to offer. Moreover, Drogheda is conveniently close to Ireland’s capital. However, within Drogheda, there is still a lot of activities and sightseeing that can be done. 

Funtasia Theme Park is located in Drogheda which is a leisure complex. For a nice adrenaline rush, you can engage in fun activities like waterpark, bowling, roller-skating, crazy golf, and rock-climbing. It is a great experience to introduce you to what Drogheda has to offer. It is also good craic, and you get the chance to mingle with the other locals. You can even see where maths is involved in each aspect, like bowling, for example, the concept of speed, velocity, and time is used when swinging the ball to knock down the pins, and angles are also used in positioning the ball correctly to ensure that it knocks down the pins. 

For art enthusiasts, Highlanes Gallery is filled with a range of pictures open to the public to have a look at. It is a visual arts exhibition that has been in operation for over 10 years. Drogheda is one of Ireland's oldest and most historical towns, so there is a lot of history that can be explored there. If you would like to learn about it, there is the Battle of the Boyne visitor centre which will enlighten you on the battle between King William III and his father-in-law King James II in 1690. 

You will also find the Irish Military War Museum and you visit Newgrange, located near the town, which dates back to 3200 BC. The Boyne Viaduct is a picturesque and scenic place to take a walk, especially in the evenings when it is peaceful. It runs along the Boyne River, and you can also go there to also feed the ducks. It is a chance to take in the beauty of nature or watch the sunrise or sunset. 

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You can meet the tutors in person or online, depending on what you prefer. Most tutors offer their first lesson free which will give you a preview of how the lessons will be conducted. Most tutors even offer to come and meet you which will be more convenient as you learn from the comfort of your own home. The journey to starting maths lessons is just a few clicks away!

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