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The average rate of maths lessons per hour in Dundalk is €15.


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Mathematics, which is often called ‘maths,’ is a very useful subject that it helps to be able to master because maths can take you to many avenues. There are so many things you can use maths to do from the basics like counting to more complex things like coming up with mathematical algorithms that can make you money. Throughout time, many people have realised the contribution of the existence of mathematics to humanity and have further contributed to mathematical scholarship. 

Pythagoras of Samos was a Greek philosopher that established the Pythagorean theorem for a right-angle triangle that the sum of the shorter sides of the triangle when each side is squared is equal to the sum of the longest side, which is the side opposite the right angle when it is also squared. Albert Einstein discovered that E = mc2, where E is the energy, m is the mass and c is the speed of light. 

Also, Archimedes of Syracuse found pi (π) which is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. Al-Khwarizmi created many of the most basic methods for performing calculations. In his writings, he introduced the decimal number system and a way to solve basic algebraic equations. Blaise Pascal provided a triangle, Pascal’s triangle, to calculate binomial coefficients and also made contributions to the field of probability.

To us, these may not seem like big developments, but they led to many subsequent discoveries and inventions and many of the technologies we use today incorporate such mathematical findings we heavily rely on today. Undeniably, maths is all around us and has significantly improved life for us to the point that many things are dependent on maths. 

What do we need Maths For?

Through the recent developments of artificial intelligence, a lot of maths has been implemented in them to make life easier for us. It uses algebra, calculus, and probability. Artificial intelligence enhances the speed and precision of human efforts. It safely reaches items on high shelves. It is used in healthcare and scanning documents to identify certain things. 

Other technologies heavily rely on maths. Predicting the weather uses maths, along with technology to calculate atmospheric pressure. The navigation maps that help us find our way when we are lost like Google and Apple maps also use maths through longitude and latitude in order to place locations where they are. Making clothes uses maths; it enables us to know how much of a piece of fabric is needed, measurements, and clothes size. Gambling and betting systems liken casino games use probability to operate. 

The device you are reading this on even used maths to make the device. The multiple systems inside have some sort of mathematical aspect. The measurements of the components, the number keypad that you took for granted when you type a number on the device which is arranged in order, the system updates that use mathematical algorithms all have maths in there somewhere. 

If there was no method for doing these things because maths did not exist, then we would not have many of the things we tend to take for granted in our everyday life. 

Activities to do in Dundalk to make Learning Maths more Interesting?

Of course, learning math can be fun but there are also many things to do in Dundalk. Dundalk in County Louth is on the Castletown River, and it has its natural landscape. It has a stadium, Dundalk Stadium, which is a horse and greyhound racing venue. You can go there with friends to enjoy a racing game. Maths is involved in betting and gambling as mentioned above and you can use what you learned in your maths lessons about probability to figure out the odds of a particular horse winning. 

It is a big stadium that has restaurants and bars, so you can even some good cuisine as you enjoy the show and meet the locals in the area. There are many maths learning centres in the area. Dundalk has its own museum, County Museum Dundalk, that is located in a late 18th-century warehouse in the Carroll Centre at Roden Place in Jocelyn Street. 

The museum offers permanent exhibitions, temporary displays, drama presentations, music recitals, lectures, and films. It gives you some insight into the history of the town as it outlines the historical development of County Louth, dating back to the Stone Age. You will get an interactive experience from a combination of artefacts and computer interactives, which present the history of County Louth over three galleries of permanent exhibitions.

There are a few shopping centres in Dundalk for a chance to catch a break from the maths lessons like Marshes Shopping Centre, LongWalk Shopping Centre, and Carroll Village Shopping Centre, along with the Dundalk Retail Park. There are many restaurants around Dundalk and some cinemas too! A Norman Castle built all the way back to the 1200s is also situated in Drogheda. Roche Castle is a nice place to go to take pictures and to see some ruins. It has a deep moat, and it once even had a secret passage. 

For a bit of an adrenaline rush, Air Bound Trampoline Park has indoor trampolining which is family-friendly so you can bring your children if you have any or go with friends. 

Superprof in Dundalk

Dundalk is a nice town in the east of Ireland and if you do not know where to begin in your tutor search, Superprof is a good place to start, especially if you like having options. As maths is such a diverse field, it is best to have options when choosing tutors, so you find the one that best suits your needs. With Superprof, you can browse the maths tutors in Dundalk, and you will see some tutors with a range of different skills expertise, experiences, and qualifications. You can meet up with the tutors in person or you can meet with them via webcam. Many of the tutors explain their methodologies and you can read through them to find the one that suits your needs best. 

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