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In Swords, the average price of maths tuition per hour is €16.


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Most people have struggled with math at some point because it takes some time to learn it. However, primary, or secondary school teachers may not have that extra time to dedicate to certain students or topics as they have to move on to be in line with the curriculum. A lot of the subjects in maths are connected, so it is important to understand each part well. 

For example, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division as separate components, all need to be understood before you move onto the combination of them together in one equation where you need to apply BEMDAS. Also, you would need to know basic algebra before going on to solve simultaneous algebraic equations. 

Even in many maths exams, the subsequent question may ask a student to use their answer from a previous question because maths is an interconnected field of study. Therefore, it is important to understand it and to get a tutor quickly if you need help with maths. Getting a maths tutor is not simply limited to people struggling with maths but it is also useful for people who want to practise their learned maths outside of classes or to get ahead of the class. 

The Leaving Cert exam even offers mathematics at Higher and Ordinary Level, as well as ‘Advanced Maths’ which is a separate exam altogether. However, there is no Advanced English as maths has different levels of complexity and it is useful in a variety of fields. Mathematics, or ‘maths’ as it is generally referred to, has no rigid definition because it is more than just the study of numbers. It studies patterns, logic, and the science of structure.

Maths has many components and only a certain amount is covered in the primary school and secondary school syllabus. If you pursue maths as a higher-level degree because of the different career options available from that, you will learn more of its components.

What Are Some Topics Generally Covered in Maths?


Algebra is generally covered in secondary school, and it is used in many aspects of maths. It is one of the most important topics that you will cover. A + B = C is an example is an algebraic equation. It involves letters and symbols which are used to represent numbers. There are algebraic equations, expressions, and formulas. A + B is an algebraic expression, A + B = C is an algebraic equation and (a + b)2 = a2 +2ab + b2 is an algebraic formula. 

Algebra uses formulas and methods to move these symbols and numbers around to arrive at a solution. Generally, x and y are used to represent unknown numbers. It is very consequential that it is used in the field of science, medicine, and engineering. 

Geometry and Trigonometry 

Geometry is one of the oldest topics covered in maths as it is a well-established field. There are even people that work exclusively in this field called ‘geometers.’ It deals with space, shapes, and angles and how they correlate with distance and size. It studies how their positions can be changed and their angles can be altered. 

Geometry takes the known areas and perimeters of shapes in terms of their formulas and finds out the size of an angle of the length or width of one side of the shape with can be used to find other sides. It is widely used in the construction and building industry, as well as engineering. 

Trigonometry is similar to geometry but mainly deals with triangles and their angles. It uses sine, cosine, and tangent in order to derive lengths, widths and angles of triangles and can also be applied to squares made up of two similar triangles. 


Arithmetic studies numbers and how they operate using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, parentheses, square roots, exponentials. It also looks at the common differences between a sequence of numbers. It is used by machinists, cryptologists, and production operators. Even when you count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... etc, or 2, 4, 6, 8, 10…etc, you are using an arithmetic sequence. 


Functions go under the umbrella of algebra but inherently incorporate the belief that each input only has one output. Therefore, one output can have many inputs. There are linear functions, non-linear functions, exponential functions, quadratic functions, rational functions, logarithm functions, and trigonometric functions, amongst many other types of functions. It is used by businesses, computer programmers, and doctors. 

What can you do in Swords for Fun in-between Maths Lessons?

Swords is a suburban town in County Dublin in the east of Ireland and it is close to Dublin Airport. It is emerging as a city and there are many interesting buildings you can visit in between your maths lessons. Swords Castle is a sight to see, especially for history lovers. The bishop of Dublin used to live there many years ago. Swords Round Tower is also a place you can go which used to be part of a monastery. 

St Columba’s Church in Swords dates back to the 1800s. It is picturesque and the Irish poet, William Butler Yeats was buried in the churchyard there in 1948. Swords also has a few shopping centres, like Pavilions Shopping Centre, Swords Central Shopping Centre, and Swords Town Center Mall. You can find a variety of restaurants in Swords to enjoy different kinds of fine cuisine. 

There are many shops in Swords and there are also a few cinemas too. As Swords is in County Dublin, you can take the bus to the city centre to have a look around too!

Superprof in Swords 

Swords is a nice city to live in if you want to be close to the city but not too close and if you want to start maths lessons in Swords, Superprof is a good tutoring website that will provide you with a list of the available maths tutors in your areas and the tutors each have different teaching methodologies. You can read through them and pick the tutor that will be right for you. You can meet with the tutor in person or virtually via webcam. You can learn on your own or with friends. You can collaborate with the tutors to focus on topics most relevant to you and that you feel you need the most help in, which will help you master maths!

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