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Arvind - Prof crypto currency - Mangaon


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Computer Science professional with 30 years of experience like to shape young minds for competitive advantage in areas of Blockchain development, AI, Data Science, and NEET examination for (10 +2) stu

About the lesson

Plan, practice and perform.
In the planning stage, I will recommend a set of standard learning material to students, the daily schedule for preparation and links to videos that will keep you motivated.
Practice, practice and practice. Fake it unless you make it.
Perform without fear of failure. Dance like none is watching you. Perform without thinking about someone is evaluating your performance.


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About Arvind

I am a teacher with 30 years of experience in diverse fields of teaching and student counseling. Like to help and motivate students to build their career goals especially when they belong to rural background, with lack of resources to study and plan for their dream career objectives.
My educational background is B. E. from SGGSCE&T Nanded, ME from VJTI and PhD from IIT Bombay. I believe that through inner strengths of a student, hard work and discipline a student can achieve beyond their capacities.



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Dedication. no fee.

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