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1st lesson free!

1st lesson free!

Every chess masters once a beginner and opening teaches u opening but endgame teaches u chess

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I look forward to bringing all the benefits and joys of chess to you!
***For chess lovers of all age, from beginners to rating 1700+:
-Goals: general chess skills improvement, consolidate and advance chess knowledge, prepare for tournaments (includes age group).
+I will discuss your chess style, strengths, weakness, after playing with you and analyzing your games. Then, for your best improvement, I will give you the most suitable methods, providing multiform materials: chess textbooks, specific lessons, live practice, detailed comments and analysis. I will frequently keep track on your progress. I focus on building opening variations and theories, all level tactics, middle games strategy, endgame theories.
+I can be flexible, meet your particular requirements (proficient in a opening; specific opponents preparation; a specific chess skill,...etc).
+I can play practice games and/or give detailed analysis for your select games, includes professional suggestions for your best improving process.

***Exclusive program for elementary kids/kids with no previous chess knowledge, learn to play chess as a supplement for education/after school activity:
-Goals: enhance overall development, nuture virtues, having fun, improve useful skills for school,...
+Providing special syllabus, engaging and creative lectures, encouraging, maintaining exciting moods.
+Chess exercises that help grow both brain sides, practice life skills, practice positive thinking, critical thinking, patience, and responsibility through the stories and chess activities (include but not limited to calculating in head: imagine, foresight, strategy planning; solving puzzles, respecting the rules, being familiar with time pressure; self-expressing, coloring, stories telling,...).
+Intrusting parents to be friends with their kids, help kids practice brain exercises, play, have fun in family time


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About Abishek

I'm a Chess player and a chess coach..and also a BCA student.....and I'm giving personal training in Bangalore and also through online(Skype, TeamViewer,zoom....)



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