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Chrys & Chris - Prof academic tutoring - Paris 16e
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2 exceptional teachers - The best private tutoring course in France for primary and secondary schools since 2009 - Enter a fun and innovative educational universe

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One of our best tutors. Quality profile, experience in their field, verified qualifications and a great response time. Chrys & Chris will be happy to arrange your first Academic tutoring lesson.

About Chrys & Chris

➢ ➢ Chrystelle:

Former student of the Preparatory Class (CPGE), graduate of Sciences Po (Institute of Political Studies - including a year at UNLV Nevada) and holder of a DEA in Modern Literature, my background is rich, multidisciplinary and internationally oriented.
After a career in the Civil Service and then in a large national bank, I decided to devote myself to the world of education by becoming a teacher in a large Parisian high school. I am a proofreader for the national diploma exams for the Brevet and proofreader and examiner for the anticipated French exams for the Baccalaureate (written and oral).

Since I have always been passionate about writing in all its forms, but especially poetry. As a child and teenager I devoured books, as an adult I went to the other side, writing myself. A few years ago I discovered haikus, short Japanese poems. I am currently writing a novel and a collection of poetry in various forms (haikus, versified poetry, poetic prose, etc.) in collaboration with an illustrator.

3 excerpts from which I am the author (the first 2 are haikus) - copyright protected :

"Encore embrumée de rêves
que l’aube fragmente -
lumière d’été"

"Falling rain in my mind
like cloud whispers -
end of September"

"Comme un vagabond, j’ai erré sur la plage.
L’air était lourd et mes pieds foulaient le sable.
Les vagues se déchaînaient sur le rivage,
Furieuses, chacune aux autres semblables."

➢ Christophe:

In college, it was with my father that I studied mathematics but also physics in what we could already call private lessons. I was at the top of the class.

In high school in first S, following the example of my brother Stéphane (polytechnician) my model, I distanced the second of my section by 6 points.

Graduated with a Master's degree in Mathematics from the Pierre and Marie Curie University - UPMC Paris 6 - then a Doctorate in Mathematics from the State University of Novossibirsk - in Russia - under the guidance of the great mathematician Vladimir Arnold (from where comes to me my method of teaching through exercises), I have been a mathematics teacher for 12 years.

I started my professional career, 13 years ago, as an engineer/statistician but I quickly refocused on the disciplines where I excelled, by creating my school in 2009, with the aim of offering the best courses. mathematics and physics at local and then national level.

I have thus accumulated more than 24,000 hours of lessons and followed almost 1,500 students. I broke new ground with what I now consider to be the best live webcam online course.

With a library of more than 600 reference works, most of which are in English, I also teach French-speaking students from Anglo-Saxon universities (Princeton in the United States, Cambridge in England, etc.) at the Undergraduate level up to upon obtaining the Bachelor's degree.

In recent years, I regularly write articles for a well-known scientific journal. And my only institutional interventions are at the university for the preparation of certified teachers for the internal aggregation of mathematics.

Now it's my turn to pass on my knowledge to my own children. So that they progress as efficiently as possible. So that they acquire, like me, future in-depth and mastered skills. To, perhaps, teach one day?

Finally, nearly 15 years ago, I was a top athlete (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing) alongside my studies. I have a global coaching-type approach to learning with my students and it is this state of mind that I pass on to them.

I have since evolved towards Chinese martial arts (Wing Chun) and the regular practice of strategy games (Go game). My teaching philosophy corresponds to this Asian rigor, the idea of always going further in mastering one's discipline: a horizon but no limit.

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About the lesson

  • Primary
  • Junior Cycle
  • Transition Year
  • +3
  • levels :


    Junior Cycle

    Transition Year

    Fifth Year

    Sixth Year

    Adult education

  • English

All languages in which the lesson is available :


Unique expertise:

- 2 education professionals: an author and high school teacher, a high-level mathematician with a degree from Novosibirsk State University
- more than 36,000 hours of private lessons (more than 2,400 families accompanied)
- Innovative tools from neuroscience
- International teaching methods
- 100% personalized coaching
- availability 7/7 and 24/24 for our students in regular follow-up
- From CP to Terminale in all subjects
- Conviviality and human values

This account is common with my husband Christophe (diminutive Chris) professor of mathematics.
Here you consult our common file: my first name is Chrystelle (diminutive Chrys).
We invite you to consult our "French" and "maths" sheets.

Parents of 4 children whose schooling we supervised up to higher education for some, passionate about pedagogy, neuroeducation (science which consisted in adapting our learning methods to brain functioning) and Asian countries, we reconcile all this in a playful approach (for children, learning must obviously be fun) and innovative.
We adapt to each student, whatever their level and age, from those who are experiencing difficulties, who are dys, to those who are already at the top of the class and who are looking for their achievements.

Why follow so many levels of classes at the same time?

This is at the request of many parents whose eldest we were already following successfully and who wanted a more global follow-up of the siblings.

Why prefer the video course?

We offer a unique offer: very high speed connection quality with La Fibre, use of two studios with dedicated professional equipment: HD webcam, microphone, etc.
Because it is more effective than face-to-face, without having the disadvantages:

- a real whiteboard, like a class lesson

- on skype, a written record of the progress of each lesson so that the student/parent can refer to it

- permanently on site all our educational material

- a course that is much more conducive to learning the autonomy of the youngest

Indeed, thanks to the digital tool, the student will become much more active in his learning process.
It is "empowerment", an American term which designates the reappropriation of power by oneself... from simple "passive" the child, little by little, becomes "active" and "participant" in his own education. .. Learning to "become"...

I keep myself regularly informed of the latest pedagogical advances in cognitive neuroscience. So I make my students work according to the SRS method - method of spaced repetition - (work on memorization).
I use innovative teaching methods, different from those usually used in class (mental maps / mind map, coaching tools ...) to raise my students to the maximum of their possibilities.

For primary school students, I have specific educational material based on the latest and most effective methods:

- For learning to read, I master the Les Alphas method. At my disposal I have the Les Alphas educational box, the card game, etc.

- For learning mathematics: my husband uses the Singapore method and the practice of the game of Go

- For English: I have several books for children and an educational box based on mind maps (Mind Mapping)

These educational tools are used if necessary: ​​the progress of the course is also based on their class books and the homework and work requested by their teacher. I can also adapt my course, at the request of the parents, to build together a totally personalized course, according to your expectations.

We offer for all our students:

Literary subjects:
For primary: fundamentals with reading and writing.
For secondary school: dissertation, commentary, document studies, etc.

Science subjects :
For the primary: the fundamentals with calculation and geometry.
For secondary school: exercises, activities, document studies, etc. (depending on the profile/level of the student, these subjects are done with me or with my husband).

English :
Chris takes care of it since he already gives, internationally, mathematics courses in English to English-speaking students.

For the production of writings : I use several methods including the writing of haikus (short Japanese poems).
It is a form of poetry which, by its simplicity, is accessible even to the youngest. There is a whole game of rhythms and silences that allows you to work on calm, listening to yourself and concentration. Based on the evocation of emotions, it is fun and it allows you to learn to communicate, to talk about yourself. We oscillate between introspection and openness to others.
With the youngest, the work on the haiku is associated with photographs.
The constraint of respecting precise writing rules makes it possible to draw on resources that will allow greater creativity.
“Art lives on constraints, and dies on freedom” Michelangelo.
The practice of haiku brings them into the Japanese cultural universe and, more generally, into the universe of Asian countries whose success in education no longer needs to be demonstrated and whose values ​​of respect, hard work and rigor should be a source of inspiration.

Finally, we direct them towards children's literature (in connection with the Japanese/Asian universe: manga but not only), films (Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli), artistic works (for example "La vague" by Hokusai), games that they will be able to play within their family (with my husband, they learn the game of Go: a Chinese combinatorial strategy game which allows them to work on geometric shapes, concentration, intuition, reasoning, self-control and to acquire a certain "philosophy" beyond the game, etc.).

Our goal is to help them develop intellectually and cultivate their self-confidence.
For us, the work of a teacher is not just about theoretical knowledge. It must also teach them to think for themselves, to grow and to become. We have a very global and original approach to education: both humanistic but also very pragmatic (succeeding in achieving academic goals).

My husband uses the same methods as me and can, depending on the teacher profile you want, also teach primary and secondary school courses that are mainly focused on mathematics and science. He uses a reference book published by EPFL editions (a world-renowned Swiss school) with learning methods deemed extraordinary.

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Hourly rate

  • €87

Pack prices

  • 5h: €435
  • 10h: €870


  • €87/h

travel fee

  • + €113

free lessons

The first free lesson with Chrys & Chris will allow you to get to know each other and clearly specify your needs for your next lessons.

  • 30mins


Course prices range from €98 to €128 per hour depending on the section.

The private lesson allows you to benefit from a tax advantage of up to 50%.

Payments are made in advance by bank transfer exclusively and in increments of 1 to 4 sessions. Planning a slot is a commitment. Given the quality of our lessons, they cannot be canceled or modified, except in exceptional circumstances and subject to acceptance for the latter.

Sessions vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on individual goals.

We can possibly receive our students in our large classroom at 27 rue Bernard Buffet in Domont 95330.

For video lessons - Very high speed connection quality with Fiber and use of 2 professionals studios : latest generation computer equipment, soundproofed room, webcam and UHD microphone, daylight brightness and large whiteboard as in class.

The “1st class offered” lasts 15 minutes. It makes it possible to test the connection and the computer equipment of the student but also to get to know each other and to see together the methods of organization. We take stock of its level (grades/reports, checks, etc.) and its objectives. This course takes place in the presence of the parents and the student.

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