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"Fake it till you make it"

We’ve all heard this cliche but there is an element of truth to it, acting in a certain way is just faking it but convincingly. To lie, you have to be in the right mindset and you have to practice, the more you “fake it” the more it will feel natural to you. If you can pretend to be someone else and convince the camera that you’re that person… you can convince the audience too. We practice acting or faking it daily, it's an essential skill for anyone. We often fake confidence for dating or interviews, we fake admiration or we fake it when we like something. Faking it may have negative connotations but it can be a positive thing and it is most certainly a requirement in life sometimes. What other techniques are there, or what else do you have to keep in mind in your acting journey?

Techniques of acting

Acting is putting on a personality that’s different to your own, you may channel yourself to perform this character but even if you were playing yourself on TV there would be differences to the “real” you. In this way, acting can be described as modulating your personality. For example, you are not the exact person with everyone you know, you may be shy and quiet with strangers, you may be loud and annoying when it comes to family and you may be friendly and outgoing with established friends. Acting is an extension of this but it’s not as easy, it can often feel unnatural or forced and as a result, it’ll be easy to see through. However, if we start looking at acting through this lens it can be easier to put on different personalities, modify certain traits and feel natural at it. After all, you’ve been doing a form of acting your entire life!

Start from any age

Acting doesn’t have any requirements other than passion. You can start as young as you want to or as old as you are able. It can be something you do for your career or it could be a Thursday night hobby. The beauty of acting or any of the arts is that your level of commitment is completely up to you! There are also unlimited opportunities across Ireland to flex your acting skills. Drama clubs litter the countryside and musicals are commonplace. Acting is a flexible medium and it's transferable, maybe you have a dramatic flair and you’d rather act in plays or maybe you have a preference for steely performances on RTE where everyone gets to see you. Most importantly it's fun, there's a reason why drama clubs in Ireland are so popular among the youth! 

Ireland is famous for its actors

Ireland is the home of many international actors that are known worldwide. Some examples that you may know are Cillian Murphy, Colin Farrell and even Michael Fassbender. Ireland may be a small country but it doesn’t have a small amount of talent! There are multiple stations across the Isle that are always hiring too, yes it may be a risky profession but when it works out, it really works out. So, there’s no reason not to get started with a Superprof acting tutor today!

Superprof acting coach

Superprof has a large number of tutors in Ireland ready to make your dream become a reality. They can offer in-person classes or they can host them online. They’ll give you the tools and confidence to put yourself out there and they’ll give you the knowledge they’ve gotten from all the experience they've gained. It can be a competitive field and any insider knowledge can be very valuable. Getting a tutor is a great idea if you want to dip your toe into acting too, it is very affordable and you can stop whenever you need but if you choose to continue then you know you have that support behind you. A personal tutor who will get to know you well and will be able to tailor their teaching environment just for you! Happy acting out there and good luck!

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