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The average price of Biology  lessons is 


The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

  • The experience of your teacher
  • The location of your lessons (at home, online, or an outside location)
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On Superprof, many of our Biology tutors offer online tuition.

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From a sample of 11782  tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

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With Superprof, find the perfect biology tutor for you from our huge range of tutors and teachers.

What is Superprof and what do we offer?

Here at Superprof, we provide an online platform where you can choose a biology tutor who suits all your needs and wants. You can browse the many verified tutors that we have without even having to set up an account. You can filter the type of tutor that you’re looking for by what level of Biology they are teaching, their hourly rates and if they are tutoring near your location or online by webcam.

Our website also has some other useful functions to streamline the selection process. Each tutor has their own profile and on it you can see information such as: their methodology, experience in the subject and teaching, whether they do lessons in person or not, the Biology disciplines that they tutor, their individual rates for online and in person teaching and many attach their CV as well. It is also now possible to see and make reviews of tutors, allowing you to fine tune your selection.

Our range of Biology tutors in Ireland

We have over 200 tutors in Ireland who offer engaging and informative tutoring at competitive pricing.  We have a mix of teachers, graduates in various scientific fields, master’s, Phd students and other talented individuals.

In light of the pandemic, all of our tutors now do online tutoring via webcam with the advantage that the online classes are actually cheaper than in-person classes and you don’t have to worry about travelling anywhere, saving you time and money. This also means that you can practice your biology with the perfect tutor even if they live halfway across the country. However, with things opening up and improving again some of our tutors are doing in-person tutoring again, just check the profile of the tutor to see whether they offer in-person teaching and what rates they offer for it. The average rates for biology tutors in Ireland is 17 euro!

If you have a question for a specific tutor then feel free to send them a message from their profile, on their profile you’ll be able to see their average response time too.  

Why get a biology tutor?

For those still in school and having difficulty in the subject, getting a tutor makes a lot of sense as the classroom environment is often not helpful enough for those who need a little extra help as there is only one teacher whose attention is spread over the whole classroom. Whereas with a tutor you have one person whose sole attention is on you. This means they can give the exact help and support that you need. They can spend time going into detailed explanations of things that you have an issue with and offer advice on how to tackle a particular concept.

Another advantage of tutoring over the traditional classroom format is that in a classroom, surrounded by other students, it is easy to feel shy and reluctant to ask questions and get proper explanations of things when something isn’t clear or understood. With just you and a tutor, the feeling of pressure will be released and you’ll be in an environment where you feel free to take your time and to ask any and all questions that you want.  

Tutoring for adults

For those planning on returning back to education, having someone dedicating their full time and energy to you will do wonders on how prepared you feel and are, for returning back to education. It will also increase your confidence in yourself and take pressure off you, allowing you to focus more of your time on other subjects and modules.

Many of our tutors have gone through university or are currently still in it and due to the varied number of students and graduates there will be a tutor who can inform you on what a particular course is like and what knowledge will aid you in it.

Biology in Ireland

Ireland has a renowned level of biology courses in its universities, with many of its universities having a high position in the global rankings in both its bachelors and master’s courses with universities such as University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin being in the top 200 global universities for biology courses.

Graduates of biology related science courses will have the ability of finding jobs at higher positions like pharmacologists, science writers, lecturers and research scientists and the options increase after getting a master’s, with options such as PhD research, and working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Exams and getting a biology tutor

One of the best and effective ways to prepare for upcoming exams is to get help from someone who has lots of knowledge and a thorough understanding of the subject to guide you through on what you should try and focus, on as well as being able to explain tricky concepts so that learning and revising is smoother and more effective.

Since we have such a diverse range of tutors here in Ireland you’re sure to find someone who is able to help you with your current level and who will have insights for the exams that you will face such as the Leaving Certificate or the summer exams in a particular university.

Doing everything you can to improve yourself and your results makes a lot of sense, don’t stress yourself out about where and how to start revising, get a helping hand from someone who has the time and knowledge to guide you on how and where to improve to help you do the best that you can.

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