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What does a data analyst do?

Data is intangible, it is endless, it has to be interpreted and it has to be organised before anything can be done with it. The job of a data analyst (in a very general sense) is to go through data, organise it in such a way that it is easy to navigate for future researchers, apply predictions, observations on the data and possibly represent it under certain criteria. They may also have to sort it or do whatever else your employer/client needs. Not every data analyst codes in their day to day routine but it is definitely a useful tool if you’re looking to get into this field.


Approaches to understanding data

Ever since the first piece of information was written on papyrus to the founding of grand libraries, we have needed methods to sort, organise and present data but the skills necessary have never been more important than they are today. Search engines, apps, games, simple websites generate mass amounts of data and there are countless servers out there storing all this data but here are just a few methods in how Data analysts work with this data. Let's say you have data storing text entries from a random submission website, to start working with this data you may “code” this data. This is different from software development that you’re probably used to hearing. Coding data simply means going piece by piece through the data assigning properties, attributes, it is essentially labelling your data. Once your data has been coded you can start forming an analysis on how often certain tags come up or what tags are commonly paired with others. This is one simple strategy but is an insight into the kind of work a data analyst does.


How do you become a data analyst?

Unfortunately, data analysis is one of those jobs that requires either a university degree or a lot of self-learning with projects to demonstrate your skills in the subject. Fortunately, you’re either already a student who is looking for help with assignments or theory, or you want to self-learn in which case we can still help you. Firstly, data analysis is a highly practical subject so that means you can practise a lot by yourself and there is a lot of work out there to practise with. Secondly, the skills required for data analysis can be learnt from anywhere in Ireland because you guessed it, you can do it online or with a tutor anywhere in the country. If you’re going the self-taught route, learning a coding language that is good for data is essential, a beginner-friendly language would be Python. Lastly, once you have developed your skills and you’ve done some practice, it's time to put together your portfolio and start applying to some entry-level jobs, from there experience and time will allow you to move into better data analysis jobs.


How to learn data analysis

Finding a tutor is simply the best way to fast-track your journey to becoming a data analyst. Tutors are wonderful supports for all kinds of subjects, not just data analysis. Superprof has a network of tutors all across Ireland so no matter where you are on the island, you’ll be able to find the closest tutors to you. However, in the unlikely event you’re unable to find a suitable tutor near you, you can always find an online tutor. Many of our tutors provide online data analysis classes and they provide a lot more flexibility and possible value for money than finding an in-person tutor. Once you find a tutor, you can expect professional, experienced help. Data analysis is a hard subject to break into but with the guidance of someone who has done it all before is a very valuable asset. They can teach you techniques, and give you all the value of university lectures without the time waste, the discomfort and importantly the price. Much like software development, data analysis can be self-taught. Another benefit of getting a tutor with Superprof is that the first lesson is free, allowing you to pick many tutors, have the sample free first lesson and see who is a good fit. Good luck out there and happy learning!

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