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The average price of Economics  lessons is 


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Who are our Economic tutors? 

Since we have many tutors, our list of tutors has a diverse background. We have current Economics students who are striving to excel and gain a very high understanding of the subject. We also have graduates who have started using their knowledge and education in the professional world and have experience relating Economic concepts to real-world applications.  

Due to the broad subject that Economics is, you will come across people who have specified their studies to focus on particular aspects such as: Finance, behavioural economics, policymaking, banking, development and more. You shouldn't have any difficulty finding the perfect tutor for your needs. 

The locations of our tutors are just as varied with tutors spread around the country, increasing the odds of one being near to you.  

If there isn’t, that’s okay! Most Superprof tutors also offer online classes and our Economics tutors are no exception. Due to online classes, you can avail of the help of any of our tutors around the country and still benefit from their great service. 

Getting help for the Leaving Cert Economics exam 

A great time to get some extra revision and clarification on certain topics is in preparation for the biggest exam you will have done so far. The Economics syllabus is quite packed and some areas of it can be quite tricky to fully understand which means that answering questions on it will be even more difficult.  

What our tutors can do for you is tailor lessons that match what you want and need to learn and get guidance on. Our tutors will break down sections of the course and will be able to explain concepts, questions and answers to you in a clear and comprehensive manner so that you can fully understand what is going on, making it easier for you to remember as well.  

They can correct your past work and give you practise exercises so that you can work together on the correct and best ways of doing the math-related questions which can sometimes be quite hard to do due to the fact that you have to often truly understand the question and be able to get the necessary information from it before you can even start calculating, it isn’t always made clear to what parts of the question are relevant for the calculation you need. 

In short, with their aid you can catch up on work that you may have not fully understood the first time while in class, you can get detailed help and advice on the best way to prepare for exams and deal with questions, either theory or math-based ones. With your tutor’s help, you will be able to maximise your talent and hard work and you will be as well prepared for the exam as possible and will have a greater chance of getting the result that you really want.  

Why is learning Economics useful? 

Economics is a vast subject field. Despite what you may first think, it doesn’t just lead to areas of finance or policymaking. There is a huge school of Economic thought that focuses on consumer behaviour and how people behave in society. Learning about Economics and studying it can open many doors for you and give you a greater understanding of the world that you live in.  

Upon getting a degree in an Economic related field options for working in banks, corporations and the government will open up for you and if you wish to specialise further you can focus on certain types of investing, finance, behavioural research and helping to design policies on the best way to help those in need or to do field research about the effects of various policies and money injections for a particular area or country.  

It will open many interesting doors for you and you will also gain a deeper understanding of why some government decisions have been made and their effect on you and those you know. 

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