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Never worry about Leaving Cert geography again

What is in the geography course?

Geography up until recently used to be a core subject of the Junior cert but in the past year geography and history are no longer mandatory during the junior cert and are taken at the common level. This means Geography has become less difficult and doesn’t have to be learnt. However, if you still choose to do geography here is just a small taster of what you can expect in the junior cert and the Leaving Cert. The syllabus includes but is not limited to learning about natural formations like waterfalls, volcanoes and even natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes. Geography covers a wide base of weather-related topics, geological movements and relationships but also there is a large focus on humans. Case studies which are a more in-depth look at specific topics tend to focus on human populations, cities, industrial development and so on and so forth.


How to do better at Junior Cert geography

Geography requires quite a few skills but the yearly exam always follows the same layout so by familiarising yourself with the exam, you’ll automatically be improving your chances. 90% of the entire grade comes from the final whereas the assessment task only accounts for the remaining 10%. The exam is two hours long and compared to previous years there is a lot less choice. This means it's more important than ever to know the material as there is not as much wiggle room. The assessment tasks, or the CBA are often the biggest source of stress for students as they need to be completed before the exam. If you’re one of these students don’t worry as they are very manageable and with the support of a geography tutor, you’ll know exactly what to do! For the exam, practice will be the biggest determiner of whether you’ll do well or not. Look at previous exams, attempt questions, and ask whatever comes into your mind. Geography is all about learning and asking questions about the world around us. Be curious, enjoy it and the knowledge will naturally come with it.


Preparing for universities

A geography tutor can do much more than help you with class assignments. This world has an ever-increasing demand for geography, geologists basically anyone who has an interest/knowledge of our world. Geography relates to resources, extraction, preservation, and prediction and is the greatest tool at our disposal to tackle climate change. By educating ourselves or preparing ourselves for the consequences of climate change and learning how to combat it we can all become better and more conscious people. These skills and mindsets can be taught in secondary school and learning about the modern-day applications of geography can expand your opportunities. Hire a tutor, learn about this world and then learning how you can help. So, you won’t only be helping yourself in your school or university, but in life for the foreseeable future.

Secondary and university help

Tutors are not just for helping with your homework or learning a new hobby. They can be a helpful tool at any stage of your life. Tutors are excellent personal helpers when it comes to studying at a university. Lectures can be hit or miss and you never know how helpful a lecturer will be. For that reason and more, many university students are opting to start private tutoring. Superprof helpfully has collected many tutors for all kinds of tutors but you will also find geography tutors all across Ireland at all academic levels. No matter where you are in Ireland, studying the leaving/junior cert, just going into secondary school or even preparing for university or even a job, you’ll be able to find a helpful tutor right here on Superprof!

Finding a geography tutor in Ireland

Superprof makes finding a tutor accessible to everyone for an affordable price. Simply search for a geography tutor in Ireland and you will be presented with every geography tutor in the country. From there, you can narrow down the selection by price, location, online lessons and so much more. Your future geography tutor is only a few clicks away!

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