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The benefits of learning Microsoft Excel

When you are going through secondary school or even university there is no doubt that you have heard about Excel or the suite of Microsoft’s tools for displaying data, making presentations and creating documents. You may think that Microsoft Word is the only tool that you will really need and many students make the same mistake. Microsoft Excel is a tool that is used extensively in many different types of businesses for tasks such as data entry, managing data and keeping records of accounting or tasks due to the versatility of the program and that you can edit any entry whenever you wish.

Learning how to use such a widely used program early on, will greatly increase your competitiveness in the job market and could even be of use depending on what course you are currently studying. Spending the time to practice and master the program before you try and enter the job market will make the process easier for you and will open up more opportunities.


Our Microsoft Excel tutors in Ireland

Our tutors have one goal in mind, which is to get you comfortable and confident using Microsoft Excel. There is no one size fits all approach, our tutors will base their classes around your learning level and experience with the program and also what you intend to use it for. If you are already working in a role that requires you to use it, you may want to learn more in depth functions to improve your workflow and time management. However, if you are completely new to Excel then your tutor will be guiding you through the basics of the program as well as what can be efficiently done with it so that you can understand the strengths and limitations of it.

Our tutors who are teaching the subject have a very high level of expertise with the topic as they have extensive experience in using it in professional environments such as Business analytics, and automation. They also have lots of experience teaching and sharing their knowledge with others and enjoy being able to help others become more confident and knowledgeable.

Due to the subject, the classes are mainly done online as you would require your own computer anyway to practice and use Excel in your own time. Some tutors are still happy to do in-person classes as they are aware that online only classes don’t suit everyone.


Why having a tutor is useful for learning Excel

Due to the various features and levels of complexity that you can reach in Excel, being able to have someone talk you through the basics by following their directions and seeing them use examples will help you to learn in a much quicker and effective way compared to trying to struggle through by yourself.

With an experienced teacher you will be able to communicate your needs and they will be able to form the learning plan for you and will know where, and how to start so that your time is used in the best way possible.

When you are very inexperienced with a subject it can be very difficult knowing where to start learning but you can skip that difficult step with the guidance of your Excel tutor. When you have commenced learning having the opportunity to see examples and demonstrations will really help cement your learning and help you to better understand the more complicated procedures and processes.

Our tutors don’t just provide classes for beginners or those who wish to learn other functions of Excel. If you have a specific project that you are working on or wish to start, our tutors will be able to guide you along on how to get started and also if you run into any complications, they will be able to provide you with clarity and offer solutions. Having the opportunity to work through your real-life work, examples and mistakes will allow you to see real results and improvements when you use Excel in the workplace or school.


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