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Music reading tutor

Martín is an excellent guitar teacher, not just for his musicality but for his personality as well. I found him to be one of the warmest and funniest teachers I have worked with. You can tell he really loves the music and cares about his students....


Music reading tutor

I have been guitar with the Martin for over a year and a half now. I am a complete beginner but already making good progress. He has a great knowledge of the guitar, and is really patient. Martin is great teacher with years of experience. If you...

Graciela, 6 months ago


Music reading tutor

Romina is a great teacher – extremely professional, patient, and with a great sense of humour! She put me at ease from the very first lesson - I started violin as a mature student, with no knowledge of music theory (I got used to play everything...

Romina, 10 months ago


Music reading tutor

She listens your questions and gives adequate and coherent answers! She is patient and always trying to motivate you even if you don't really deserve it. She can adopt to your needs and be flexible in methodology in a good sense! I think she's a...

Róbert, 10 months ago


Music reading tutor

Laura is really friendly and gives detailed feedback and great guidance on improving your playing, which is accessible and tailored to what your aims are. She is also extremely reliable and organised, would highly recommend!

Beth, 10 months ago


Music reading tutor

I love learning with Ashleigh! She's very knowledgeable and attentive to details, but also great at making me feel at ease. I'm a practical learner so I appreciate all the examples and exercises she prepares for music theory too. She's great at...

Natalia, 1 year ago


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From our site, you can find a tutor that fits exactly what you’re looking for, be it location, particular experience, price or expertise in the subject. You can browse the many verified tutors that we have without even having to set up an account.

On our website, you can enter the subject that you’re hoping to get tutoring for and the location where you want it. You will then have a selection of tutors in front of you and with our website functions you can filter them out to find the one for you. You can filter the list of tutors by location, whether or not they’re nearby, the rates that they charge, their response time to messages sent to them and what levels of the subject are taught by them.

All of our tutors have profiles that contain some very useful information, things such as: whether or not they have been verified by us, whether they do induvial or group lessons, where they teach, what particular topics of the subject that they teach and at what level. You can also read through their teaching methodology, their experience in the subject and/or tutoring, their rates and finally, their CV.

To browse our selection of tutors, no account is necessary and to use the service and actually get a tutor, all it takes is to make a free account with us and from then on you can book tutors and send them messages.  

Our selection of Music tutors in Ireland

In Ireland we have over 8000 tutors available to help you with all of your music needs, singing tips and lessons. Instruments lessons are also offered with classes for guitars, piano, the harp, flute, violin and many others. There are also lots of opportunities for various types of singing classes as well as orchestration, music reading and composition.

All levels of education are catered to, so be it for secondary school, university or private reasons, you’ll be able to find someone who can help you and provide you with the assistance and helping hand that you are searching for.

All of our tutors now do online tutoring via webcam with the advantage that the online classes are actually cheaper than in-person classes and you don’t have to worry about travelling anywhere, saving you time and money. The fact that online tutoring is now so prevalent, it also means that your options of tutors increase since distance won't be a factor anymore in your decision process. However, some of our tutors are now offering in-person classes again as well.

Many of our tutors offer the first lesson free, allowing you to try them out and see if their particular style of teaching and what they are teaching, suits you and your needs. It also means you can have a taste of online teaching and see if it works for you or not before having to fully commit.

The benefits of getting a Superprof tutor

Putting the work in, spending time learning and practising will get you far in understand and master what you’re working on, however, there is always a time when someone feels unsure about an aspect of a subject and need some extra guidance to get you through it and allow yourself to keep learning and improving.

Having someone by your side helping you step by step, be it learning how to read music or learning a particular instrument, can and will help you hugely. Their sole attention on you, their expertise and experience will allow you to learn faster and understand more than if you were just learning by yourself.

An advantage that grinds and extra lessons have over the traditional classroom format is that our tutors can spend time going into detailed explanations, correcting your work and providing tips and corrections. They can set you exercises to practice the exact things that you need to focus and improve upon.  

If you are learning a new instrument or hoping to improve your musical skills and you’re wondering if you should get some extra tutorage, don’t make life harder for yourself – give yourself the best and most efficient chance to learn and improve.

Tutoring for extracurricular activities

Don’t restrict yourself just because you are wanting to learn a music-related subject outside of school/education. Many of our tutors are happy to teach any required level of the particular subject of music that they are proficient in.

They will be more than happy and able to help you on your path. You don’t have to be struggling to get a tutor. Having that extra support, the extra time and attention will boost what you already know and help you attain the level and competency that you want in your subject/instrument.

Music and Ireland

Ireland has a very prestigious and lengthy list of talented individuals known by many, such as U2, Thin Lizzy, Enya, Dolores O’Riordan, Hozier, Imelda May and too many others to mention.

With institutions such as the Royal Academy of Music, Dublin school of music, MTU Cork school of music, performing arts at Trinity College Dublin, it's clear that musicianship, talented singers, writers and performers are not in short supply here and finding someone who knows what they’re doing and who also have the skill and passion, won’t be hard for you to do.

If you are hoping to go a more traditional way, there are many places in the country where you can learn traditional dances, different ways of performing traditional music and so on such as The Irish World Academy of music and Dance, Ceol na Coille - School of Irish Traditional Music, Song and Dance Stage School and Studio and many others.

What do you want to learn?