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The average price of Physics  lessons is 


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Let a private tutor help broaden your horizons and develop your knowledge and skills in Physics

A popular and wise time to get grinds are for the exams that can have a say on your future and the Leaving is no exception. Our extensive list of physics tutors can help you get through this exam period by: helping you go over and truly understand parts of the course that you find hard to grasp, correct your past work and do practice questions together and they can help breakdown the various parts of the exam and tell you what sections are normally particularly important or difficult. 

Some examples are that our tutors can make sure you have a decent understanding of all parts of the course and are familiar with demonstrating experiments, proficient in using formulae and your calculator and so on.  

If you need to focus on maths or just to become more knowledgeable about a specific topic like mechanics or electricity then it is still worth your time and energy to get some extra help so that the learning process is as simple and efficient as possible. Whatever your needs, you’ll easily find the right physics tutor for you in Ireland. 

What other help do our tutors offer? 

Even if you’re not currently doing the Leaving Cert staying on top of your classes will help keep your grades up throughout the year and you’ll also have the added benefit of being less stressed. 

Help with homework, preparation for any sort of test such as midterms or even entrance exams and just doing general work on parts of the syllabus can all be done with the guiding hand of an experienced and knowledgeable tutor. 

As opposed to a normal secondary school environment and their exam formats, you won’t just be learning off and memorising things with your tutors. No matter what help you’re after, their main task is to help you actually understand your coursework so that you can actually reason out and properly explain questions from the course. The goal is for you to learn and improve, not memorise. Actually understanding concepts in physics, will make life much easier for you in your future exams or coursework. 

What is our list of physics tutors in Ireland comprised of? 

Our generous list of so many tutors means that we have a very diverse background of qualified individuals ready to help you out in the way that you need.  

Ranging from qualified teachers, master's and doctorate graduates and talented students and passionate learners of Physics, you’re sure to be aided by an experienced and skilled teacher and will be able to make great progress in your course.  

The average rate of an hour-long Physics lesson in Ireland is 19 euros, which means you can avail of our helpful selection without having to worry about affordability. There are even ways to bring down the pricing such as doing online sessions (which may be more convenient for you and will make learning more accessible) or booking multiple lessons in advance.  

This all depends on the tutor themselves so keep an eye out for good deals if you’re looking for further ways to save money. You can also use the filter on our website to find Physics teachers who are more in your price range or offering online classes.  

What can you do if you are not happy with your tutor? 

In the rare case that you don’t enjoy the lessons with a tutor, there is some good news. Most tutors on Superprof offer their first lesson for free! This means you can sample their teaching style and how they aim to help you and if it doesn’t suit you can find someone else without stressing about “wasting” money.  

Users also have the ability to make reviews of the tutors that they had which are visible on the tutor’s profile, allowing you to give constructive feedback. 


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