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Benefits of learning Russian in Ireland

Ireland has a large community of Russian speakers, however, not all of them are from Russia. According to official statistics, there are roughly 8,800 non-Russian speakers of Russian in Ireland alone who use it on a daily basis. Many come from the Baltic states or even Ukraine. This gives the advantage of a fluent community in the country to any potential language learners; as we all know, practice makes perfect! Another benefit to learning Russian is the increased travel opportunities. Many Russian or Slavic countries have small English-speaking populations, sometimes as low as 4%. So, learning Russian will not only let you travel to Russia more easily but also to many former soviet states! Not to mention any other Russian speakers you may bump into on your holidays. Learning Russian will also show you how to more easily understand diverse Russian culture. Mastering the language will allow you to explore and dive into the culture. Language and culture are often intrinsically tied together. 

Some tips on learning Russian

Russian is quite different to English, it sounds different, it has a different alphabet and it has a distinct sound, although Russian can be easier to learn than English for a number of reasons. Correctly pronouncing English is hard which is something even some native speakers know. The rules are a convoluted mess and there are many speaking rules that can only be picked up on by vigorous study. Russian is quite different in this respect, the rules of pronunciation and speaking Russian are quite clear and straight to the point, and a letter rarely changes its sound. A good way to pick up some Russian is by listening to the news in Russian or in fact any authentic Russian show. You’ll pick up the pronunciations quicker and you’ll encounter more sentence structure rules! It all benefits but may not be suitable for complete beginners. 

A whole new alphabet

One of the downsides (or upsides depending on your perspective) of Russian is that you have to learn an entirely new alphabet to learn it. Taking the time to learn Cyrillic is essential for any student as it will help you further down the line. Some of the letters are the same, there are some new letters and some letters are only slightly different which makes for a confusing time for many Irish students. A tutor will be able to help you navigate the nuances of this alphabet. Luckily for English speakers, many words are the same between Russian And English due to their common heritage, language-wise. 

How can a tutor help you learn Russian?

A Russian tutor can do many things for any student. They’ll be able to pick out many more mistakes than a student possibly could. Students could get guidance on pronunciation, how to sound more authentic and so much more. A tutor is also a great way to identify any potential weaknesses and once they have, the student will have all the tools and help necessary to work on these weaknesses! A Russian tutor can also introduce students to more tools and techniques to improve a student's ability to teach themselves the language. They may point out valuable videos or language learning websites on the internet. Most importantly they can make hand-tailored notes for the student. There are so many different types of students and they all need help. Some students retain more information if they hear it, some are more visual learners or maybe answering questions is the best way to reinforce new information for others. In any case, a tutor will learn how you best learn and they will adapt to that!

Finding a tutor

The hardest part of learning a language can often be finding useful help and advice. However, it couldn’t be simpler than with Superprof as we provide a multitude of tools to help students across the country find their ideal tutors. You can filter by many metrics such as review scores, distance if you want online lessons and even price. Your time is precious so why waste it by looking in local shops, asking friends or browsing endless forums when you can quickly find many high-quality tutors on Superprof. Start learning this week!

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