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Why knowing how to sew is a useful skill

With the increase of available and accessible hobbies for everyone, as well as more entertainment options than ever, former hobbies such as needlework have been largely put aside and ignored. The rise of fast fashion has also led to the general skill of needlework, including sewing to be forgotten about. In today's modern world, it is generally easier and more convenient for most people to simply purchase new clothes if theirs develop holes or tears.

This does not mean however that buying new clothes is the best option. Having the skill to repair your worn-out clothes or to even create new ones will help you to prevent more waste being generated as well as not having to spend more money on replacement clothes.

Despite the popularity of sewing not being as high as it once was, it is still a skill that is useful to learn and will be of us for the rest of your life by being able to maintain your own clothes as well as being able to craft clothes for gifts or potentially to even earn some extra income or to base a small business around.


What is taught in the sewing classes?

If you have no prior experience then having a private class to learn the art of sewing will be of great use to you for many reasons. Sewing is a hands on skill and having a one-on-one class between yourself and your teacher, will allow you to learn by example. Your teacher will be able to talk you through using the machine and its various features and will show you how to safely use it, such as knowing proper hand placement and awareness.

Our teachers have years of experience and will be able to give you helpful tips to make the sewing process easier and more efficient for yourself. Beginners or relatively inexperienced users often experience issues such as the needle thread breaking, your thread fusing or even just missing stitches. By learning alongside an experienced teacher who is devoting their full attention to you during classes, you will get to benefit from that experience and commence sewing knowing very useful tips that will help you to prevent making time consuming and sometimes, dangerous or expensive mistakes.

If you have some experience with sewing and are already fairly confident operating the machine itself there is still plenty that you can learn and do, with the aid of our sewing teachers.


Getting sewing classes to help with your projects

If you aren’t a beginner and want to go straight into making something, our teachers can help you with that as well.  Our instructors have lots of experience with sewing, designing and making their own items of clothing. If you are in the process of trying to make a particular piece or outfit and you are finding some aspects of the process too difficult then you can easily enlist the help of one of our passionate teachers who would be more than happy to help you design patterns, to help with your pattern cutting and even helping you to choose the right fabric for your project and cut.

Our sewing classes aren’t just for beginners, they are also a useful resource for people who would like some advice and support when it comes to making their own personal projects or even school projects.


The benefit of getting sewing classes through Superprof

Due to sewing being a less common skill nowadays it can be very difficult finding someone who can teach you it or help you with the more advanced areas of it. What Superprof offers, is an easy-to-use website that clearly shows various teachers providing instruction in sewing around Ireland. You don’t need to spend lots of time trying to find someone with the experience and knowledge that you require. You will also get all of the help that you need at affordable and fair rates while also having one-on-one interactions instead of having to learn within a group setting.

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