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Structural analysis problems can be solved with me. For all civil engineering students up there.

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My teaching method is totally base on your attention and totally friendly in manner. I don't hesitate if you guys want me to repeat the capture.


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About Abish

I am a civil engineer. Working in simplex infrastructure limited. I love teaching others and help them solving their engineering problems.



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  • Learn concepts of Civil Engineering and Transportation Engineering (with a flavour of statistics).  I am a PhD student and an experienced civil engineer with a Masters in Transportation Engineering.


    Brisbane City, Australia

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  • Experienced QUT Researcher providing real field application based teaching of civil engineering subjects in Brisbane


    Fortitude Valley, Australia

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  • Graduated in Aerospace Engineering and Master's Degree in Bio-Nanotechnology Engineering offers university tutoring


    Roma, Italy

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  • QUT PhD Scholar giving Civil and Transportation Engineering lessons to university students at Brisbane City (Online and Offline)


    Brisbane City, Australia

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  • Tutor in Civil engineering with 3 year experience in lecturing. Can handle all civil engineering and diploma subjects.


    Bengaluru, India

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  • Civil Engineering student teaching civil engineering related topics for university level online.


    Melbourne, Australia

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  • Knowing proper content, help you to develop a good understanding, teaching simple ways


    Toronto, Canada

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    • €29/h
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  • Maths and Structural/ Civil/ Analysis and Design/ One to One and Group Private Tutor, Leeds, UK


    Leeds, United Kingdom

    5 (18 reviews)
    • €112/h
    • 45mins free
  • Excellent Engineering student at University of Warwick offering lessons and coursework help in London


    London, United Kingdom

    4.9 (18 reviews)
    • €39/h
    • 30mins free
  • Professor of Civil Engineering: Structural Analysis (Structural Theory), Resistance of Materials, Armed and Proposed Concrete, Metallic Structures, General Mechanics, Physics and Calculations.


    Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais), Brazil

    5 (16 reviews)
    • €11/h
  • A first class graduate of Civil Engineering with strong mathematical and engineering skills, ready to deliver quality teaching to undergraduate students of Civil Engineering.


    Port Harcourt, Nigeria

    5 (16 reviews)
    • €6/h
    • 1hr free
  • Teaching Fluid Mechanics, Hydrology, Hydraulics, Irrigation Engineering, Environment Engineering, Surveying, Construction Management and Aptitude for Competitive Exams.


    New Delhi, India

    5 (15 reviews)
    • €14/h
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  • Passionate Metallurgist with Both Industrial and Research Experience. I will be proud of myself when I am in a position to transfer my knowledge to others


    Visakhapatnam, India

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    • €5/h
    • 1hr free
  • Experienced qualified teacher available for home tutoring and assignments for mechanical and civil engineering students: Fluid dynamics, fluid mechanics and strength of materials


    Brisbane City, Australia

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  • Ph.D. Civil Engineering candidate at University of Ottawa- Mechanics/Statics/Dynamics/Structural Analysis/AutoCad/ Mechanical Vibrations


    Ottawa, Canada

    5 (9 reviews)
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  • Assistant Professor offering Civil Engineering tutoring in Canada with an experience of working as a full-time tutor for over 8 years.

    Aaron Darius

    Mississauga, Canada

    5 (9 reviews)
    • €26/h
    • 30mins free
  • Learn Civil Engineering from IITian (M.Tech. Structures from IIT Hyderabad) Tutor is GATE AIR 2669, (616 GATE Score 2021)


    Pune, India

    5 (8 reviews)
    • €6/h
    • 1hr free
  • BIM Manager in major projects shares his knowledge, offers practical solutions for your exams and prepares you for a placement in Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC) sector.


    London, United Kingdom

    5 (7 reviews)
    • €49/h
  • Practical, friendly online Structural Engineering assistance in London, 7 years industry experience


    London, United Kingdom

    5 (6 reviews)
    • €51/h
    • 30mins free
  • Concepts of civil engineering in simple way from basics to advance application level following competitive exams pattern


    Faridabad, India

    4.8 (4 reviews)
    • €23/h
    • 1hr free
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