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Teacher/Tutor Certified Pre-K through 6th grade available for private tutoring in your home/public setting

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I am certified in Elementary Education (K-6) and Integrated Early Childhood/Special Education N-K, Elementary 1-3. I am currently a Pre-K Special Education Teacher.

When tutoring students, I like to gain a sense of where their strengths and areas for growth are and work from there. It is important to individualize for each student and determine how he/she best learns material. I have found that it is most beneficial to relate concepts to the student's interests and to also coincide with what they are learning in the classroom at that time. My tutoring style is individualized, positive, and fun!


  • Support for Students with a Reading Disorder


  • English


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    Adult education

About Christine

I have several years of tutoring experience both privately and through agencies, specifically in the areas of reading and reading comprehension, social studies, and science with students in grades 2, 4, and 5. I have also tutored students at the Pre-K level.



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  • I have great success tutoring anything in English and elementary subjects. I am patient and kind and instill confidence with efficiency.


    Boynton Beach, United States

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  • Facilitating online learning of English and Math for specially abled students. Activity based learning.


    Edmonton, Canada

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  • Mathematics is all about getting your basics right.. let’s do it then.

    Hari Vijay

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  • Byjus and vedantu experienced maths online teacher, provides Olympiad tuitions as well.


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  • I am a quality tutor who is passionate about assisting students in reaching their potential.  I have strengths in maths, chemistry and biology.


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  • Experienced teacher, tutoring special education, math and literacy to students with different spectrums of learning disabilities.


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  • 15% END OF TERM DISCOUNT WITH ALL BUNDLED SESSIONS  With 25+ years experience, university Professor offers tutoring in Academic Reading and Comprehension in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

    Dr. Christopher Duncanson-Hales

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  • Special educator with 10 years experience offering support to children with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and reading difficulties


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  • I have an exchange offer, give your mathematics problems to me and I'll give you a proper explained solution in easiest way.

    Krishna pratap

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  • Maths/ English SEN tutor - London - Trainee Educational Psychologist 10 years experience working in schools supporting children with SEN


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  • Gap year student offering classes of support in reading and in maths


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  • Fun and engaging Primary School Teacher who focuses on adapting to individual children's needs to help them reach their potential.



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