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Fun, engaging tennis lessons near me

Why we are providing tennis lessons in Ireland

You may know Superprof as a helpful website to find tutors for subjects such as English, maths and many other school-related subjects. Our goal isn’t to just provide a helpful, accessible service where you can find a diverse and big collection of tutors providing lessons for a huge list of subjects, we also encourage learning new skills and developing new interests. We now have tutors offering classes for hobbies and skills such as swimming, yoga guitar, violin and much more.  

We are now excited to confirm that tennis is on that list too.  If someone wants to learn it, we have someone teaching it. 


Who should get tennis lessons?

If you or someone that you know is hoping to get into a new sport or the sport of tennis has always appealed to you then having one-on-one private lessons could be just the thing that you are looking for.  

If you are new to tennis then you will be able to get clear and helpful pointers on the basics such as teaching you the rules, techniques on how to properly hold the racket, your stances and how to be mindful of your feet or even just common terms that are used in the sport that you can use or just learn so that you understand more about what is going on when enthusiasts discuss the sport.  

Having a private teacher in Ireland will result in you learning things that you wouldn't have even considered if you had set out to learn tennis by yourself or just with a friend.  


Why experienced players would benefit from getting private tennis lessons 

Even if you have some experience with the game and at this point you know the rules, you know how to serve and so on, there is a lot that you could gain by getting lessons, especially if you hope to improve your playing or aspire to join competitions.  

By getting private lessons you get to learn and improve at your own pace. If you have a lot to learn or your skills are already intermediate, and you learn quickly it doesn’t matter. You get to learn the things that are relevant to you, at the pace that suits you and your needs. A one size fits all approach is far from ideal and can result in turning people away from tennis as their needs and learning speed are not met.  

With training tailored around you, you will make excellent progress compared to just practicing informally. You will make the most of your time as your training sessions will be focused and based around helping you to improve in core areas. By overserving you play and discussing with you, your teacher will know what you do well and what could do with some improvement. Exercises and lessons will be based around these observations and your learning and progress will remain focused.  

Having a private teacher whom you would book in advance means that you know when you will have a lesson which will help keep playing tennis at regular intervals. If you just rely on friends to practice with, life can get the way and you may not be able to do regular and constant practice with them. Your teacher will prioritise you, as you are their student.  


Some examples of what you could learn from some lessons 

There is a vast amount of possible things that you can learn about tennis as it all depends on your skill level and also what level you would be playing it. There is a big difference in what you would have to learn and practice if you are playing tennis casually compared to participating in competitions and events for example.  

Learn exercises to get fitter for the sport, improve your accuracy and response time as well as improving your stamina. Learn the etiquette of the sport such as when you should be silent, the duration of warmup periods and types of serves and shots that may be considered as bad form in certain situations.  

Learn how to properly serve, learn what grip suits your play style and learn and practice different types of shots which will help make you a better player.

What do you want to learn?