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There's no getting around it, moving to a new country where English isn’t your native language is a difficult situation. However, in recent years Ireland has developed extensive facilities to help those who have moved to the country. From Dublin to Galway there is a network of English teaching schools, courses, and English tutors available to help you learn.

What has given English its difficult reputation though? A lot of its grammatical rules are inconsistent, more so than in other languages. This is because English has drawn upon many languages as it has developed. French, German and even a bit of Celtic have all influenced the English language. Then there are all the variants of English, even if you can speak English really well, you may not be able to understand certain accents or all the heavy slang. Luckily, this is where a Superprof tutor comes in.

How can a Superprof tutor help you?

With Superprof it is very easy to find a tutor who would be perfect for your level of English. You can find tutors specifically for teaching non-native speakers who also have experience with the IELTS. This is the crucial detail as you will want every advantage you can get with the test. They’ll be able to give you a lot of tips, inform you of all the application details, identify your strengths and weaknesses and create a learning plan specific to you. It will be a difficult process to get your English up to the level required for the IELTS but a Superprof tutor will help immensely. Many of our tutors are bilingual and you should be able to find someone who can speak your native language as well to make the lessons a bit easier for when you get stuck.

Motivation when it gets tough

We now know English can be hard to learn and this can often stop a language learning journey before it begins, especially when you’re learning it by yourself. This is one of the biggest benefits of courses or lessons in learning English. Courses in Ireland give an extra push to learners with their language learning. The responsibility is to show up to classes, hand in homework and keep up with the readings. It provides a focus that helps you to learn at any level. Learners always benefit from this focus and the discipline the course/lessons provide. You don’t have to learn English in Ireland alone and we all want you to pass your test!

Learning English in Ireland

Ireland is well known for its hospitality to everyone, the Irish are well known for their generous treatment of refugees and immigrants. Irish people are native speakers of English and as mentioned, they are kind too which means Ireland is a perfect place to start learning English. People here talk a lot and pretty much everyone is up for a chat any time of the day. This means there is ample opportunity to practice and to feel at home speaking English! 

Some tips to learn English by yourself

The internet is built around English and consequently, there are many great resources online to help English students to learn. Watching the many available English speaking shows on youtube is a great way to learn, maybe you can watch some of your native shows in dubbed English. Watching or listening to something you've already seen in your own language is a proven technique to improve your language learning. If you have Spotify or any similar service you could listen to a podcast designed for English students. The BBC, which isn’t an Irish institution, can really help with learning English. They have many online resources to help English students pick up English from any level, beginner, intermediate to advanced! You can even access it online in Ireland with little to no trouble!

Finding your tutor

Supeprof is easy to navigate even if you don’t understand that much English, simply putting in IELTS on the search bar will pull up all of the tutors in the country but you can be more specific, for example, if you live in Dublin you can search for all the tutors in Dublin. You can then sort them all by reviews, price and even response time. If you’re already good at English you can also sort by level offered which means you can find the right tutor for you sooner. Good luck with the test!

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