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The average price of Medicine  lessons is 


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Medicine tutors in Ireland to help with your coursework and exams

Considering medicine? Here’s why you should 

For those who have always had a big interest in biology and learning how to the human body functions and works then perhaps choosing medicine as a career choice could be the correct path for you.  

If you have always liked studying how organic beings work and how the processes of our bodies function and react to stimuli or perhaps you have always liked helping people and you wish to devote yourself to being able to improve people’s lives, then pursuing a career in medicine is a very good idea with many different areas of specification so that one day you can really choose what area fits you best, such as oncology, research of diseases and cures, nursing, general practitioner or heart surgeon etc. Whatever your main area of focus is there is an area of expertise that would suit you.  

It is also a profession that will always be in demand all over the world and so you will have plenty of jobs available to you and the freedom in being able to work in other parts of the country or even other countries.  

It can be a very well paying and fulfilling career choice with job security. 


What our medicine tutors can help you with 

Our Medicine tutors know and understand that the subject can be extremely stressful and difficult in university with many difficult exams and studies having to be done. Due to this our tutors want to help others who are on the same path that they once were and they are here to help you to understand concepts that you find difficult, to give advice in how to improve your work and results and help you to do well in your course.  

Our tutors come from many different backgrounds and so you shouldn’t have any difficulty in finding lessons being provided for your specific medicine course area. Some examples are clinical medicine, organic chemistry, general medicine and many many more.    

It can be important to go back to the basics as everything that you learn is built on top of them and if you don’t have a very strong knowledge base of general biology or physiology then you could struggle going forward in your course.  

Whatever it is that you want to learn, revising the basics or preparing for exams for one specific area of medicine, you will be able to find excellent help with our fantastic medicine tutors. 


How much is a medicine tutor?

Our medicine classes are accessible to all students in the country with many classes being provided from 20 euros an hour. The average rate for a lesson in 32 euro but if you take the time to research you are sure to find a price point and tutor that fits your budget and needs. 

You have the choice of doing in-person classes or online ones, but it does depend on the tutor. Many enjoy online classes as it is simply more convenient as you don’t have to travel anywhere and you don’t have to pay travel costs to your tutor if they are coming to your home. With online classes, time for learning can be more easily done which is a great benefit in our busy schedules. It is easier than ever to do some extra classes and learning. 

However, if online classes aren’t your thing and don’t suit your style of learning many tutors still happily provide in-person classes. 

When you first contact you tutor you will be asked to let them know what your learning goals with them are. Are you just hoping to revise some difficult areas of your course that you didn’t learn properly the first time you saw it? Or are you looking for tips, advice and intensive revision in preparation for upcoming exams? The classes will then be tailored to suit your needs so that you can reach your learning goals and attain the outcome that you want. 

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