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Reserve a pack

With Superprof, you have the possibility of offering several lesson at once, at a generally more advantageous price. These are called lesson packs. They can be either 5 hours or 10 hours of lessons. You can determine their price in the 'Rate' section of the listing.

To send a pack proposal to your student:

  • Go to your lessons

  • Click on 'Propose a pack' in the bottom right

  • Choose the desired pack (5 hours or 10 hours)

  • Check the total price

  • Then validate

If your student accepts, you receive 50% of the payment immediately after validation.

To receive the second part, remember to schedule all the lesson times (5 hours or 10 hours) with your student using the reserve a lesson button. No additional payment will be requested.

Are you an Ambassador? The entire payment will be transferred upon validation of the student!