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How can I be paid?

For the payment of your lessons, you have two options:

  • Off-platform payment

  • Online payment

Off-platform payment
For this option, your only contact is your student. Choose the payment method together that suits you best and organise this privately.

Online payment
Superprof provides you with a completely secure payment platform!

If you do not benefit from the Premium benefit, a 10% commission will be applied.

The amount will be visible on your balance 24 hours after the lesson is completed.
To access your balance:

  • 'My Account' tab

  • 'My Payments'

  • 'Payment History'

Your balance will be transferred to your Paypal account within 3 working days if the amount is at least $30.
Opting for online payment on Superprof offers many advantages :

  • Securing your payments

  • Receive payment at the end of the lesson or monthly

  • Zero commission with Premium Membership

  • Dedicated team to support you!

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