Tutor article

What is your status as a tutor?

As a tutor working for yourself there are a number of things to think about to protect both yourself and your students.

As you'll be self-employed, we remind you that you'll need report your income to the Irish Tax and Customs. It’s important to keep your income and taxes up to date and a legal requirement to declare your income.

Insure yourself. It’s not a legal requirement to be insured as a tutor, but it’s a standard practice to do so. Consider public liability insurance, business and portable equipment insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

Be aware of health and safety. This means providing a safe environment for students to learn. This is very important if you plan to teach from your home.

Advertise honestly. Every claim you make must be factually correct, and you should be able to provide documentary proof of any qualification you claim to hold.

Superprof is not the employer of the teachers, it is up to the teacher to provide the invoices to their student.